Thursday, 3 March 2011

Kangaroo paws and cats paws

A branch caught my eye early this morning as the sun rose and illuminated a spider web that was woven between it's dried limbs. 

Not only did the branch of the old kangaroo paw plant catch my eye, but I caught the eye of our neighbours' cat Trouble.

He visits us every day, leans on our legs rubbing his scent as if we were his.

It's such a delight having a cat that is happy to visit with you and purr a rumbling song and then move along to the next willing neighbour.

I feel like Trouble sometimes, when I see the sun rise.  He sits there and absorbs the suns warming light.  It's like he's charging up his solar panels ready to face the day.  Sitting on the front porch in the early morning light does that for me.

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