Monday, 28 February 2011

The last day of Summer

A morning thunderstorm, a boy home sick for the day, a hot, humid walk, counseling for my anxieties, an afternoon thunderstorm, leaves already falling, soccer in the front yard, rain falls and coolness descends.  A great end to a long, hot Summer.

 Farewell Summer. . . . .

. . . . .Autumn I embrace your arrival!

Friday, 25 February 2011


My first day helping with the Kindy kids at sport, chasing after runaway tennis balls.

Toby's first school assembly where he's actually one of the students this time.

Toby's first Merit Award for a great start at school.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Leaf

The Leaf

by Lisha

I found a leaf this morning
I saw it, full of love
I found a leaf this morning
It fell from high above
Isn't it too soon
To see a leaf of such colour
For it to be falling, too early
Yesterday I saw another

I found a leaf this morning
It brings to mind Summers end
I found a leaf this morning
Autumn's just around the bend
Oh the colours just amaze
Such rejoicing in my head
The warmth of gradiation
From pea green to rusty red

I found a leaf this morning
On my table it lays
I found a leaf this morning
Such love for Autumn days
The promise of coolness
Leaves fluttering from the trees
Enraptured by the colours
It's not too soon for me

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Ethan has got to be one of the best goal keepers I know.  I'm surprised that we haven't had to take him to the emergency room at the hospital yet with all of his enthusiastic diving and throwing himself on the ball.  Last week was the semi final for his indoor soccer team and Ethan played goal keeper for the whole game and he didn't let one ball past, he was like a brick wall.  He was amazing!!

This week, as their team won the semi, they played in the Grand final game.  Ethan was goal keeper again for the first half of the game.  He still played an amazing game.  Sadly the other team were better on the day and they were beaten.  The disappointment shows on their faces.

More disappointingly so, this final was a repeat of last years game, the same teams playing in the Grand final and the same results.  They did receive runner up trophies which made their loss a little less hard......there is always next year!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Whisked away

It was Toby's first day at school today.  He was excited, he was happy, he was..............very slow to get ready!!

Of course we still had time to take some photo's, lovely ones and some silly ones.

We all walked down to school this morning, we had assumed that Toby would go straight into the class room.  However the Kindy children were all whisked away from their parents and shuffled into the school hall.  It was a brief goodbye at the door so nobody had time to think about being sad.

Believe it or not there were no tears from me.  We had a pretty relaxed morning, no major anxieties, apart from Toby taking ages to get dressed, so I didn't even have time to feel sad.  I even went to the Kindy parents morning tea after school drop off.  I had never been to a Kindy parents morning tea before.

When Sam and Ethan started Kindergarten I was a blubbering mess and didn't want to face anyone.after we dropped them off.  I can remember when Sam started Kindy seven years ago.  His year six buddy took him up to the class room, I was being brave and holding back the tears but then Ethan burst into tears and was heartbroken, which of course then set me off.  I was also pregnant with Toby at the time so I was a little emotional.

Anyway not a tear was shed today, I must be ready for this next step in life.

Toby was very happy with his day and can't wait for more.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Good things this week

Air conditioning!!  It has been the hottest week I can remember, hot dry days leading to hot humid days all with temperatures around 35-42°C.  I am so glad we have air conditioning, even if it is only in the lounge, I have been relying on it all week to keep me sane.

Both Sam and Ethan winning their indoor soccer semi finals and going into the grand final next week.  They both played amazing games with their teams.

The pretty Oregano flowers that keep coming even though the garden is so dry.

Having my friend Kath come help me at my cleaning job, it was hot sweaty work, but it took half the time to do it, she was great company and we had a swim after, which is why Toby wanted to come along.

Catching up with my lovely friend Laura and being able to talk about photography and cameras.

Watering the garden of an evening and discovering the Hoya is still flowering.

Finding out who all three of my boys have as a teacher for this year and feeling happy about them all.

Being able to have Toby home this week for our last hang out together before he starts school on Monday and him learning to swim without the noodle.

Swimming pools and friends who invite us over for a swim, seeing as we don't have a pool, it is so refreshing.

Fans and wet sarongs have been helping us sleep through the night.  Every night I dampen a sarong and throw it over the boys in the bed, with the fan blowing on them they keep cool and it helps them to get to sleep on these stinking hot nights.

Catching a photo of one of the illusive dragonflies buzzing around our back yard, not necessarily a great photo but a photo nonetheless, and then capturing a close up one at our friends pool.

Finding out that miracles happened when Tropical Cyclone Yasi hit North Queensland.  Even though crops were ruined, animals lost and houses and businesses were ravaged and razed to the ground, it is a miracle that people heeded the warnings and that they were all safe and unharmed all except for one or two people.  It truly is a miracle.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Interesting times

As I woke up this morning and as the sun was rising the sky had a molten gold level of cloud spreading across it.  The weather is still very hot and dry here in Sydney and the cyclone is still raging in far north Queensland. 

I am sitting here watching the news to see how people are faring as they are hunkered down in their homes and evacuation centres.  The cyclone has passed inland and coastal areas are still being bombarded with strong winds and rain and the people are still anxiously waiting for the sun to rise before they can assess the damage to their homes and towns they live in.

Queensland and in fact the whole of Australia has been battered by weather.  They are interesting and exciting times.  I love unusual weather, the strength and power of a cyclone is truly amazing, unfortunately the devastation it causes is heartbreaking.  Farms, crops and livestock being ravaged by the strong winds.  Families and friends jammed into small rooms with their pets for a good 18 hours just waiting and listening to the enormous storm raging overhead. How scary that would be!  I can't even imagine, trying to keep children and pets calm whilst confined in the smallest room in the house.  Not being able to sleep, just waiting.  My heart and prayers have been going out to the people of Queensland.

So many houses have been ripped up from their foundations.  I have been praying that everyone has the courage to keep their families safe and be able to do what they need to do.  I have been praying for miracles.  I'm sure as the cyclone winds die down and the people pick up the pieces, stories will be told.  We will see the amazing strength and bravery that people have displayed during this terrifying time.  I'm sure we will see those little miracles that provide glimmers of hope and strength to many who have nothing but their lives to be thankful for.  Pray for them, pray for each other in these interesting times.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A new school year

First day back at school Monday started out like this...

and became this...

Yes!!  The boys first day back at school was also their swimming carnival.  It was the beginning of the heatwave here in Sydney too, a great day to be by the pool.  Ethan braved the 50m freestyle for the first time and made it to the end to score a point for his house.

Sam swam the 50m freestyle....

...and the 50m breaststroke too!

In between races and cheering the boys on, Toby and I paddled in the little pool to keep cool as the temperature gauge rose above 35°C.

So with the swimming carnival done Sam and Ethan started school today, still not sure who their teachers are but will hopefully find out tomorrow.  I think the children all had to stay indoors today as it was another scorcher, but this time the temperature rose to 41°C. 

As for Toby his first official start for Kindy is on Monday next week.  He goes to school tomorrow morning for the new "Kindy best start assessment" a 45 minute interview to see what level of learning your child is at.  So I still have this week to enjoy some time before my littlest man begins school.  Oh what a sad day that will be.