Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Strange Addictions

Hello, my name is Amelia. . . . 

. . . and I love nerf darts!!

 I like to collect them.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

A long time ago....

. . . in a galaxy far far away there lived a family . . .  The Earth Walker family.

. . . and soon a war began. . .

There was carnage . . .

. . and reloading. .

. . . . and an ambush!


. . . and the last man (woman) standing!

To be continued. . .

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Lovely Day

. . . . . and yes that is my very own nerf gun!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Vernal (Spring) Equinox

I'm not sure what this day has in store for me but I am so grateful to be able to share my birthday with the Spring Equinox yet again.  I love Spring almost as much as I love Autumn and I love my garden for providing wonderful Spring discoveries.

I have been finding some lovely little surprises in the garden once again.  My tiny little orchid, that flowers only once every two or more years, has bestowed upon me it's delicate purple blooms this year.  I had moved it onto the branches of the Tecoma Stans tree in our back yard several months ago as it's original place was falling apart.  The tree seems to provide a wonderful surface for the orchid roots to grab hold of as well as provide a semi shaded spot to grow on.  In fact I have about five orchids that have latched onto the branches of the tree and all seem to be thriving quite well there.  It is the same tree that the Hoya grows on too!

Each tiny orchid flower is no bigger than the tip of my finger. Yet each flower has such intricate beauty that can flourish under the right conditions, in this case the very rough barked, shady Tecoma Stans tree.

There is only one offshoot with four petite flowers drooping down.  It was a little awkward trying to take photo's of it, but I managed alright.

Also popping up in my garden right underneath my Lavender bushes (that received a severe hair cut this winter) are some strikingly pretty pink flowers.  I think the only reason they've popped up is because of the Lavender's short hair cut letting in the light and the fact I've been watering them in the hope they'll flower this Spring.  

Now it took me a fair bit of googling to figure out whether it was a Gladioli or a Watsonia.  The flower limbs have the appearance of a Gladioli plant but the actual flowers are similar to a Watsonia.   My sources tell me that it is a Gladiolus Carneus blandus.  They are quite different from your standard Gladiolus flower and funnily enough there are usually a couple of them popping up in the same area in the garden during Spring, but I've never seen these ones before.  There are about six of them flowering at the moment.

I find it amazing that we've lived in this home for six years and I'm still being surprised by new bulbs and flowers appearing in the garden.  I guess it goes to show that every year is different and every plant is different and they need the right nurturing environment to grow and flower.  If the right nurturing environment doesn't happen at the right time the flowers won't blossom.  Similar to the Dandelion and Orchid theory.  Our garden is certainly a haven for Dandelions. 

It's a bit like us humans really.  We are all a little bit different in how we cope with the world.  Some people can thrive under harsh or not so ideal conditions,  they can soldier on and prosper in their lives deflecting the many problems that come along, like dandelions, they can survive anywhere and just keep popping up.  Where other people struggle to grow and cope with ordinary situations, like Orchids that need a specific environment.  Given the right nurturing environment they can all thrive and blossom beautifully like Orchids. 

For further information on the Spring Equinox go here.  If you'd like a little more background information on the Dandelion and Orchid theory go here.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Nerf Wars have begun

Last weekend Ethan was invited to a birthday party, but not just any party, a Nerf party.  The boys were asked to bring along a nerf gun if they had one, otherwise there would be spare ones at the party.  The moment Donald heard this his mind started ticking over, so of course he had to go and buy a nerf gun for Ethan to take to the party.   Mind you it was a rather modest sized nerf gun, compared to those at the party, but still big enough to have some fun with.

Oh my goodness, the frenzied activity to put it together after purchasing it and the decision as to who would get to fire the first shot.  I think Donald made a bargain with the boys that the first person to kill the fly buzzing around the house would be the first one to fire it.  Sam tried hard to catch the fly and when he did it was still alive and it flew away, so he lost out.  Amelia seemed to be the only one who was able to catch a fly. . . . that is until I swatted one.  Unfortunately by this time the first round had already been fired off.  Donald ended up taking Ethan to the party and he (Donald that is ) got mighty jealous of all of the nerf guns he saw.  His mind did not stop ticking over about getting another nerf gun and I guess the boys were dreaming of owning their own nerf gun someday too!

Tuesday afternoon after Donald came home from work he took the boys shopping. . . . you guessed it. . . . for nerf guns.  We had a gift voucher from Christmas that needed to be used up and this was as good an opportunity as any.  Well he managed to purchase the mother of all guns that was in fact a double nerf gun.  Don't ask me what one it was, all I know is that it came with a magazine of nerf pellets and it's humongous, not only that Donald also bought a bandoleer to hold extra ammunition.

The last thing Donald said to me that night was, "How about we get up really early one morning and ambush the boys when they get out of bed".  Little did he know that Ethan had exactly the same thought.  Early Wednesday morning Ethan was up before everyone else, with the bandoleer strapped to his chest and nerf gun set up on the table he was in place to ambush everyone who came through the lounge/dining room door, as you can see by the series of photo's.  I think poor old Toby who was very bleary eyed got the biggest shock.

And then it was Donald's turn.

I'm still an advocate for no guns in the house, but when you've got a house full of boys and that is all they dream about (especially the biggest boy. . . and I mean Donald) I kind of don't get much say in the matter anymore.  At least I've managed to keep the weapons down to light sabers and water pistols for the last 12 years. 

 Say hello to the Bandito Brothers.

I am told that the nerf gun is great for swatting flies, turning off the tv, even starting the washing machine and getting boys to do their homework. . . I think these nerf guns are going to come in handy!!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Doesn't it just make your day...

. . .when you get your hair done and it wasn't such a bad experience and you end up happy with your hair cut.

Then coming home to find the secret muffin fairy has been to your door and left you some love.

Doesn't it just make your day!!  It certainly made mine.  


I'm beginning to feel a little normal now.
But I'd better run and get the boys from school.
Just wanted to share my joys.

My strange addictions

Hello, my name is Amelia. . .

. . . and I looooooove Cheezels.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Fairy bread, jelly oranges and balloons

It was a sad day on Friday.  It was the day that determined that there would be no more five year old's in our home.  Toby turned six.  It wasn't really that sad, but I did have a moment of reflection.   My boys are growing up fast, and especially the littlest one. 

Toby had a few friends over after school on his birthday and we played a few games.  I'm afraid all they wanted to do was play and wrestle and jump on the trampoline.  We were fortunate with the weather as the sun came out just before school pick up time, which meant we weren't going to be bringing five extra soggy boys home from school as it had been raining earlier in the day.

Toby's cake choice this year was Captain Rex from Star Wars Clone Wars, another of Donald's decorating masterpieces.  It just so happened that Toby's birthday cake was just like his new watch that he loves!!

He was even given an an Assistant Principals award at assembly on his birthday too!!  I kind of think he had a fantastic day.  Now if only he would stay six forever....


Saturday was spent building the lego Star Wars and Ninjago toys that Toby got for his birthday, he was in heaven.  Sunday was the boys soccer trophy presentation day.  Fortunately for us the rain held off and it was a beautiful day.  Last year it was canceled due to the rain.  So the boys had a fun day with free sausages, lollies, ice blocks, jumping castle and slide and of course their well earned trophies.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Clover, Sun and Sandwiches

I was up early this morning and out the door by 7.15am.  I was off for another blood test, this time a fasting one, so no brekkie until I came home.  I've been having all sorts of things going on with my body, most of which were headaches and high blood pressure amongst other things.  I'm suspecting the very early stages of menopause.  Aaaarrgh!!  But I guess the blood test will tell (I'm hoping it will tell something otherwise I must be going crazy!).  While I was away Donald got the boys ready for school and made lunches.  He even made me one with a little note attached.

So after getting the boys off to school and taking Amelia for a walk I was contemplating what I was going to do today.  The nurse at the blood draining place, (can't think of the name . . . Douglas, Hanly & Moir Pathology. . . . just looked it up) the nurse told me not to use my arm at all today especially seeing as they took 5 vials of my blood, it was my right arm too!  Which meant no vacuuming, mopping, cleaning etc.  What a Bummer!!!  I really did actually plan to vacuum today as Amelia is starting to lose her Winter coat.  So . . . what to do!!  Donald's little note helped me to decide to go to a park with Amelia.

The sun was shining, the bees were humming and all was peaceful and quiet.  I took a picnic blanket, my packed lunch, my camera, a magazine and a book and sat back while Amelia ran with the other dogs. 

Fortunately it's a fully fenced dog park, one of the quiet ones so there are not so many dogs.  Amelia made some new friends and ran herself ragged.  

While I relaxed on the blanket in the warm sun watching the birds, the bees and tiny clouds float by.

Thank you my dear husband for helping me out today