Friday, 25 November 2011

A gastronomic day

Today I spent the day with Donald's mum Joan and brother Alister who are staying with us at the moment.  Alister was desirous of visiting some rather exquisite foodie places in Sydney and had an itinerary and map all set out of places for us to explore.  Our first stop was the Fine Family Butcher - Victor Churchill in Woollahra.  Words cannot describe this place it is like no other butcher shop.  I just loved the door handles when you first walk in. . . .

The array of fine meats and delicacies was mind blowing (so were the prices).  Alister was like a little kid in a candy store.

He also managed to pick up an array of sausages for dinner tonight. . . just a few things.

After the smells of chicken on a rotisserie and samples of finely sliced meat our tummies started grumbling.  Our next stop was the Boulangerie in Surrey Hills.  We sampled delicious pies and pain au chocolate plus a few scrumptious tarts.  Just around the corner was this fascinating mural, a mixed medium of paint and moss on a brick wall.

Lunch gave us the energy to keep on going to our final destination Adriano Zumbo Patisserie in Balmain to select some extraordinarily colourful deserts.

We pretty much tried one of everything above.  My favourite was the middle dessert called grandma's soap, it was a blueberry tart with a marshmellowy coating and so much more in between, the Summer Sunday was just lovely and so was the passionfruit tart on the left that looks like an incredible sunset.   We split the desserts between the 7 of us, we had bought a few each to sample, and they didn't disappoint.  There were so many flavours to identify and savour. 

It has been quite the week for eating.  Not only was it Sam's birthday and we just had to eat a chocolate mud cake that I made for him. . . 

. . . but on top of that Joan and Alister have baked two cherry pie crumbles which we also had to sample this week.  I'm afraid I am looking like I'm 8 months pregnant. . . and no I'm not pregnant. . . so am going to have to do some serious walking next week after they leave to reduce the size of my jelly belly.

Clockwise from left:  My two favourites Grandma's soap, Yuranuse (pronounced you're a noose and looks like a little turtle) and Caramel (a cube of various caramel flavours and textures).


Tuesday, 22 November 2011


. . . is 12 today.

He has a beautiful heart

He makes me laugh

He makes me feel like a great parent

He is becoming a wonderful young man

Happy Birthday Sam

x x x

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I'm getting a bit confused lately.  I'm getting confused by the weather.  One day the air tells me that it's Summer, hot and humid, which I'm never ready for, or hot and dry which I can deal with.  In fact I kind of enjoy the dry heat as it doesn't drain the life out of me like humidity does. 

The next day, however, is sweet and light, the clouds are high and wispy, there's a gentle breeze with the scent of Spring flowers wafting by.  The sun is welcoming and warming without scalding my fair skin.  These kind of days I just love and it feels good to be alive.  The temperature is just perfect.

Today is another story.  Cool, rainy and very much cosy, soup weather.  The rain decorates every spider web with minuscule droplets.  I am baffled as I look for those orange and red Autumn leaves which I deceptively believe should be falling.  Instead I find purple flowers tumbling with the rain from the jacaranda trees, leaving a wet purple carpet.

I am wearing jeans and a cardigan, will someone please tell me what season we are in.  It feels like Autumn.  This made me feel like getting out and exploring nature with my camera.  Just as I was about to leave I heard a funny buzzing/beeping type sound outside, which was accompanied by a thump thump on metal.  At first I thought it was strange heavy bird thumping on the roof.  Yes, my imagination does go a little crazy at times, until I looked out the window.  It was the meter man reading the electricity meters, but for some reason he kept thumping and buzzing/beeping.  So I went out to investigate.

The meter man had a new safety tool which detected electricity currents when ever he put it on our meter box (it's a metal meter box), it looked like a really large thermometer with lights.  Apparently we had a current running through our box and that we weren't to touch it until an electrician came to fix it.  I am wondering if we had have touched it would we have been shocked!!  

The electrician came from the electric company and figured that our meter box hadn't been earthed properly.  How very strange.  It seems that ours is the first meter box that this has occurred to.  At least it's good to know that the meter readers are protected somewhat by this new safety device.  They are to call the electric company immediately and stay put until someone comes if this occurs.  It was a new experience for us all.

All was fixed and I was on my merry way in the drizzling rain.  It's not so easy to take photo's while trying to carry an umbrella, mainly protection for the camera.  My goodness!! I found so many purple coloured flowers everywhere.  Jacarandas, Agapanthus, Scotch thistles, Purple Morning Glory and a few others.  I never realised there could be so many purples flowering at once.

Aaah what a lovely day, who knows what tomorrow will bring. . . Winter perhaps.

o O o

Laptop update:  Well the laptop started after 3 days of drying out with the dehumidifier on.  Unfortunately the power cord doesn't charge any more as an after effect of the water spill, so it's only running on battery.  We have managed to get all of my photo's and files onto an external drive, which is a blessing.  Donald has taken it into the 'puter hospital today in the hope that it can be remedied.  I miss my familiar little laptop.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The good...the good...and the not so good

It has been one of those weeks, fortunately the good is outweighing the not so good at the moment.

The Good:

* a clean dining table with my favourite roses that smell so divine and light up my heart
* a vacuumed lounge that smells like geraniums and fresh roses

* the house is quiet with only two boys and two girls
* the older two boys are off searching for motorbike parts
* Donald is securing some more permanent work for the next 7 months
* my sister is now living and working in Sydney only half an hour away
* wonderful news for Ethan being voted student of the month at his school for the month of October
* Toby won a place in the Grand Final of the Kindergarten oratory competition and spoke so beautifully

* skyping with McKenzie and her beau
* a visit from Trouble the cat from next door

The Not So Good:

* spending over 2 hours last Friday driving home snail pace from the city while the Harbour Bridge was closed due to an accident
* having a migraine for 3 days
* Sam and I splashing the laptop with a cup of water (accidentally of course) and the screen flickered then died with a very sad beep
* getting the time wrong time on Sam's indoor soccer game and missing the game altogether. . . and I'm the coach :+/
* Amelia going ballistic because Trouble the cat visited (hence Trouble doesn't visit us often anymore)

~ ~ ~

Monday, 7 November 2011


Rumors circulated around the school today that there were free slurpee's at all 7-Eleven stores.

As it was, the rumors were true.  It's 7-Eleven day and they are celebrating by giving away a free small slurpee to all those who say "Happy 7-Eleven day"!

It has been a stinking hot day, and me with a migraine thumping, have been wishing for a storm to cool us down.  Just as the storm was breaking the boys and I hopped in the car and headed to the nearest 7-Eleven.  With thunder booming and lightning flashing around us, we claimed our free slurpee's.

Sometimes it pays to listen to rumors. . . only sometimes though. . . and only if they're good rumors!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Funny loaves and fresh strawberry jam

Some mornings we get to wake up to the smell of fresh bread baking in our breadmaker.  The loaves come out an awkward shape and I still have trouble cutting a perfect slice. 

My goodness soft, fresh bread for breakfast tastes so good though, no matter what shape it comes in.  It's even more delectable with my new favourite jam, my own home made strawberry jam slathered over a slice (recipe to come soon).  Breakfasts are so yummy we almost finish a whole jar of jam per loaf.

Does anybody have any hints on how you cut your fresh loaves, I need improving on mine!!

. . .

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Gone a Haunting

We found death in our pet cemetery

Dr Who trying to save the world, and maybe find his tardis. . .

. . and Tobyone Kanobi was there too to fight off any unwanted spooks!

The boys met up with our little witchy neighbour who was so excited to trick or treat with them.  We spent the late afternoon trick or treating from door to door, miss a few doors and knock on another and catch up with the neighbours.  A fun afternoon.

There was no trunk or treat this year, but I think we were just happy to trick or treat around our street.