Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Second day back at school

 All seems to be well at High School so far for Sam, he seems pretty happy, and Ethan and Toby are still awaiting teachers and class rooms to be assigned.

Monday, 30 January 2012

First day back at school

Three crazy boys spells trouble for 6 weeks of the school holidays but the time has come . . .

First day back, Sam's off to High School quite happily so . . .

Ethan is off to the swimming carnival (yes on their first day back again!!)

Toby just gets to hang out with his Kindy friends for the next couple of days until they assign the classes and teachers.  Lisha and Amelia get to go walking again.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A photo a day: Week 4

January 22

I was going to post a photo of the beautiful Shepherds pie I made for dinner Sunday night, but I actually forgot to take the photo before it all got eaten.  So the next best thing was a photo of my dish scrubber, she does such a good job on those baked on stains.

January 23

The 'orrible 'airy caterpillars are out and about again.  Although I don't think this one was going to last much longer, it was very big and hadn't moved from his spot on the driveway all day, so I lifted him up to join our garden trimmings in the green bin.  I just can't bring myself to kill them, they are just trying to get through their life cycle, I have a big heart for many creatures.  Although I have been known to toss them over the fence (there are chooks next door).

January 24

It's been a shopping day today, picking up fruit and veggies, milk, the essentials as well as the last of the school supplies, new sand shoes for Sam and some new boots for Toby.  I love walking into the saddlery where we buy the boys boots, it smells of oiled leather saddles and bridles, a wonderful smell that brings back lovely memories.  I grew up with friends who had horses and I worked on properties with lots of horses.   When you've been away from those familiar smells for so long they become quite vivid in your mind.  I also love the box that Toby's boots came in, it's covered by the artwork of one of my favourite children's artist and author Alison Lester.

January 25

A rainy, stay at home, baking day.

January 26

Australia Day.  Out and about today we noticed many cars with their Australian flags attached to their windows, aerials, rear view mirrors and we even saw a full sized flag draped off the back window of someones car.

January 27

It's a miracle! I've already brought the sewing machine out twice this year!!  This time it was to create not mend.  I made a baby flannel wrap blanket for my yoga teacher Jessie, she's having a baby shower this weekend and I'm very much looking forward to it.

January 28

Donald had to work this Saturday so we went in to visit him at work and have lunch.  He works in at Fox Studio's for Animal Logic.  This is Donald's desk covered in Lego toys as he is working on a new Lego movie.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day

It was a wet, drizzly morning that turned into a hot humid afternoon.  Sam really wanted to go and play some tennis this morning but the sky really turned on the waterworks and so it wasn't ideal to be outside.  So after a breakfast of crepes and fruit we spent some time on my bed reading some more 'Tunnels', I told you they were hooked.

A bit later I went to spotlight with Ethan and Sam as I needed to get some binding for a baby's flannel blanket that I am making for my yoga teacher whose baby is due next month.  Taking the boys was not such a great idea, whinges and whines etc.  Needless to say it was a quick trip.  Donald stayed home painting miniatures with Toby.

While out we noticed lots of Australian flags being flown in all different ways.

Well the lamb is slow roasting in the oven, dessert is in the fridge, the boys are playing the Wii (again!!) and I am about to start my book again whilst sitting in the air conditioning.

I hope you all have a Happy Australia day!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Baking days

There is much to be said for baking on rainy days.  They are just made for each other and so are little boys and cookies.

Sam has been in training these holidays, in training to make lunches.  Today he made us all ham and salad sandwiches.  He also realises that everybody likes their sandwiches in a certain way and is happy to comply.

I also made an oat and pecan slice with treacle and golden syrup, something a little different, but compares to very treacly ANZAC biscuits, the boys seemed to enjoy them.

I have been reading the Tunnels series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams.  I think Sam received the first book for his birthday some time ago, and yes they are aimed at about 11 year olds +.  It's kind of like the Harry Potter series but is set in an underground world.  I started with the first book just before Christmas and am now up to the fourth book 'Closer', I just can't put them down.  I love them and have been trying to get Sam and Ethan to read them (they are still slowly ploughing through Lord of the Rings) and just haven't felt like reading Tunnels even though I keep telling them how much I am enjoying them. 

So today I read the first few chapters to the boys off and on throughout the day.  I think I've got them hooked, Sam and Ethan keep asking questions about it and I just won't tell them.  We are now up to chapter 4.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A photo a day: Week 3

January 15

A cosy, rainy day, a reading day underneath a new quilt made by Joan.  It's beginning to feel a bit like Autumn and I don't mind one bit.

January 16

Another rainy day that calls for fresh pies from the bakery for lunch.

January 17

A sunny day, a morning at the dog park.

January 18

Ethan loves this hat.  He wears it all day and it rests on the end of his bed at night, I even have to ask him to remove it at the table at dinner time.  It's Donald's working hat, I think Donald is going to have to get a new one now.

January 19

The Rainbow Lorikeets are feeding on the Eucalyptus in our front garden.  I love this Eucalyptus the flowers and gum nuts remind me of May Gibbs 'Snugglepot and Cuddlepie' stories.  I always loved the little gum nut girls with their floral skirts and hats.

January 20

Donald is home from work today, I have been sick this morning not feeling great at all.  Donald and Sam went off on a trial ride to High School, only one more week of holidays to go.  :+(

January 21

The morning after the sick day before.  Yesterday was a day of stomach cramps, nausea and headaches, today is just the headache, I think I have a virus as it's not even time for migraine week at the moment.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A sunny day

The weather has been a bit unpredictable lately, pouring one minute, steaming hot and sunny the next.  This morning the weather was a little more stable so we packed the light sabres, frisbee's, the boys and Amelia in the car and went to the dog park.

The wind was gently blowing through the leaves, the sky was so bright and open and the clouds drifted across just to remind us that they were still around and liable to release some drops any time they wanted to.

The boys threw frisbee's and hurt each other with their light sabres.

Meanwhile I photographed my surroundings and attempted some meditation in the shade listening to the swishing trees and feeling the breeze flowing around me . . . for about 5 minutes . . . 

. . . until the boys came running over complaining that each of them hit the other too hard with the light sabres.

Then it was time to round up the battling boys and drag Amelia away from the puddles.

And then we went to see The Muppet Movie and it was good.

Monday, 16 January 2012

More recipes

It's been a while since my last recipe posting but here are a few more just click here:  "What's for Dinner Mum?".

Chicken Vegetable Potato Bake

Strawberry Jam

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A photo a day: Week 2

I've really been enjoying seeking out a photo a day, it adds quite the positive spin to the new year.  I look forward to contributing to my project and so my mind starts ticking over looking for opportunities to document a little of my day. 

January 8

A new year and new shoes for church.  I love them so, green and crissed across my feet with a good sturdy heel.

January 9

 Amelia, now 1 year old in human years, being her cheeky self on my bed

January 10

We went for a drive to Galston to pick up some fresh peaches, nectarines, strawberries and zucchini from the fruit and veggie stall.  I saw the rhubarb and thought I might make some apple and rhubarb crumble for dessert some time this week.

January 11

I love the light and the shade, the ripples and the sparkles of the sun glistening through the glass.

January 12

A perfect sunshiny, cool, breezy day for working in the garden and lying in the shade watching the clouds float by.

January 13

Apple rhubarb hazelnut crumble for dessert, more crumble than apple and just a hint of rhubarb, best served warm with ice cream.  Absolutely scrumptious!!

January 14

I finally got the sewing machine out to do some mending that has been waiting patiently for months.