Saturday, 23 November 2013

Stormy November

I woke up feeling a little disappointed  this morning. The sun was shining and I was hoping for another stormy, rainy day.  It's now midday and my wish has come true. I am sitting on my bed and the rain has started, I can hear the rain drops on the Azalea's outside my window.  The thunder is crackling across the sky which is growing darker. It's a brooding sort of day.

I'm listening to Enya In memory of Trees, very soothing in the background.  I have my oil burner diffusing the gentle essence of Rosewood, Geranium and Lavender. Penny has settled beside me on the pillow by my leg. She's not afraid of the thunder while she's by my side, she's at peace.

I am at peace.

Now for some crochet time.

. . o o O o o . .