Saturday, 22 August 2009

Joy is finding...

A pistachio you don't have to peel.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Here's one I prepared earlier..

My computer is down for the count, not much blogging will be getting done this week and I'm stealing a little time on Donald's computer. So here's a little post I prepared earlier. I just want to show everyone how talented my husband is. He has been working on his own blog with links to lots of his art work, story boards and drawings. If you want to peek, click here.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Convicts don't go to school...

...but this one did.

Me whilst taking photos: "Try to look like you've just been whipped, try to look sad and downtrodden".

"Try to look like the ball and chain is really heavy and look sad and downtrodden".

Sam:  "But I don't want to be sad".  He was just so happy to be dressed up, I'm sure the acting skills will improve throughout the day once he's amongst his other inmates.

Sam's year are studying Australian history and today is their "Convict and Redcoats day". We arrived at school this morning to see farmers, sailors, convicts, red coat soldiers, lots of lovely ladies in long dresses and bonnets and even some pirates. Thanks to Mari's sewing skills, whom we borrowed Sam's costume off, he went dressed as a convict (obviously) and we managed to scrape together a ball and chain to complete the costume. They are going to have so much fun today.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Drama adventures

Today Sam's drama class performed their play "Baby Talk" in front of an audience of school children, parents and other participants of the Arts North Festival of Drama at the Parade Theatre, NIDA. The small group of 7 students had their rehearsal yesterday at the theatre to run through lighting, sound effects and stage positions. It was all very exciting being lead to their dressing room down in the dungeons of the theatre, and then being lead back up through the labyrinth to the stage wings while they waited for their rehearsal turn on stage. Their play was about the adventures babies get up to when there are no adults in the room, a little like the  "Rugrats" tv show.  Today was even more exciting performing in front of an audience and a day of watching the other schools perform too. The group said their lines most confidently and beautifully all dressed up with their bibs, bonnets and blankies.  Sam was excited, nervous but loved every minute of it, I think I felt the same too. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Donald's last game

It was a long day on Saturday, after Sam and Ethan's games was Donald's last game of the season. It was a beautiful, if a little chilly, day. For entertainment the boys read the one Asterix book that Ethan brought along and sucked on push pops. Sadly Toby broke his push pop in a light sabre battle with Ethan's, hence his very sad face. Donald's team won their last game and Donald hobbled home with a twisted ankle, while I watched on with gently closing eyelids...zzzz

Monday, 10 August 2009

Second last Soccer Saturday

Final scores, Sam's game: 3:0 a win, Ethan's game 3:2 another win.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Last night...

...the sky was magical, with brooding clouds and the sunset streaming through, lighting up the trees. This is what I saw.

Then this happened...

Just a little joy I wanted to share.  I still believe Arthur Rackham's fairies should be dancing in the trees.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Toby and his hats

Stripy red and black

Rainbow striped hat

Plain red

He wears them to bed

And that's that


Sam and Ethan had their athletics carnival this week.  It was a fine day, the grounds not too damp and before I knew it Ethan was running down the track, leading the way and finishing the race with a blue ribbon.  They ran the 7 year olds, 70mtr races first, luckily I made it just in time.  Even with his hat and jacket on Ethan fought the wind resistance to come first.

Next up was Sam in the 200mtrs, he ran a valiant effort coming 5th.  He thought it a strange coincidence that he also came 5th in his 100mtr race.  My goodness that boy has mighty fine legs.

Ethan had fun in the novelty races, the egg and spoon, three legged and tunnel ball races.  Meanwhile I ran back and forth between Sam's races and Toby playing on a dirt pile with his pre-school buddies and Ethan in the novelty races. 

...And we all got to come home early together.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


This winter I have been dreaming of all things hot and summery.  I don't normally do this, I can usually get through the winter without too much thought about summer as it isn't my most favourite time of year.  Then we went to the Art Gallery  and I found this painting.  

I haven't stopped thinking about the time Donald and I went to the Island of Rhodes during our 3 months of backpacking through the Middle East and Europe.  We actually went to this place in the painting.  The view is from Lindos on the walk up the hill to the Acropolis and surrounding fortress.  

The hot, dry walk up to the top takes you through the white washed village of Lindos, through alleyways, shops, markets and lots of steps. 

I can remember the searing heat from the surrounding rocky hills reflecting the sun’s blazing rays making you wish you could dive straight into the clear blue waters below.  The water was actually freezing when you eventually got in, but it was worth the burning hot trek across the sand to get a spot next to the cool, calm water.

The sky was so clear, the sun so hot and the water so inviting.  Never before have I craved summer like I do today.  Never before have I craved freedom like I do today.  Oh the freedom!!  No kids, 27, a flat stomach and freckles.  I think that's how I want to remember myself.  Please forgive my floral bike pants.

That was a nice trip down memory lane, I almost feel refreshed.