Monday, 31 May 2010

Wet weather weekend

This weekend soccer was cancelled, all of the fields were/are still closed, it was lovely to have a sleep in at last.  It has been a very wet week and walking to and from school has seen me going through a couple of pairs of trousers each day, as from the knee down they get soaked due to the rain.  Saturday afternoon I went in  search of the right pair of gumboots for me.  I searched online, very expensive and takes too long to ship when you want them yesterday.  So I went searching high and low and round about, and finally found myself a pair just right.  Of course they were found in the last place I looked, Target, at the end of the day when all hope had run out to find the right colour and the right size.  I found them and they spoke to me.  I'm afraid the leopard skin ones didn't.  They were a bargain at 30% off and I felt rather pleased with my selection.  So here they are, my red spotty gumboots, or wellies or galoshes, what ever you fancy to call them.

Toby was so excited when I bought them home, he said "Now you can splash in puddles with me!" and that is exactly what we did this afternoon.

The weekend also saw us piecing together my Babette blanket that is starting to grow.  Remember my dream was to crochet one?  Well it's happening, slowly but surely, I'm figuring out my colours and what works in the squares and what doesn't.  I'm really enjoying this project.

Maybe soon I'll get some better photo's, the light isn't the greatest at the moment with so many dark rain clouds around, our house becomes very dark, so am waiting for a little more sun and light.  I've still got many more squares to crochet but I'm plugging away.  It's been a good weekend, I didn't get much crochet done though as we were invited out to dinner both Saturday and Sunday nights, most crochet gets done in the evenings with my feet up, covered in my Autumn leaf blanket and the tv on.  It's a very cosy way to spend these cooler nights.  I am actually quite enjoying these rainy days, especially now I've got my boots to go splashing, now all I need is a raincoat and a good umbrella to match.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

What does one do...

when it's cold and rainy...

...and the leaves are falling rapidly off the trees?

We dream of things that we could do...

...I dream of the perfect Autumn leaf, with colours vibrant and I wander around in the rain searching

...and I've found many

...and then we work on my little man's build a pirate ship.

Oh the fun to be had on a wet and rainy day!!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

We're waiting...

...for my sister to write her own travelogue blog so we can follow her journeys and adventures from Ireland.  She's been gone way too long and it's about time she shared with the world and her family the marvelous sites she's seen and the wondrous photo's she and Neil have taken.

We want to see the photo's and hear the story behind this fellow....

on the Skellig Islands....

...and the possible smugglers caves that await down below the millions of bird droppings.  We want to hear those descriptive words that will inspire her nephews to love writing, and to travel with you to those far off places where their uncle dislocated his shoulder while snow boarding and their aunt climbed the boulders in France.

How you ate wild strawberries, picked scary wild mushrooms, cooked them and ate them and climbed every ruin that you could.

We can't wait to read about your travels, we are waiting most patiently.  Yes I know we can read them in your emails and join them up with the photo's from face book, but wouldn't it better to have the words and the pictures together in the one place?  Lots of words and lots of pictures.

Please, please, please Gabby

Pretty please start a travel blog.

We miss you guys so!!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Morning leaf offerings

....from Ethan, because he knows how much I love them.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

This is where I work

I have a job.  It's not my mothering, house organising, driving kids around, everyday job.  This one is organising and tidying someone elses house and yes it's a house cleaning job.   I've been cleaning houses for other people since I was 17.  My first full time job was a Nanny/housekeeper looking after 3 children on a Cotton farm in Goondiwindi, in southern Queensland.  Yes I know those are sunflowers below but when I worked there they had only just picked the cotton and turned over the fields, so I'm afraid I don't have any cotton photo's.

I really can't say I enjoyed housecleaning, and cleaning windows and ironing were the bane of my existence, cooking a meal was a little foreign to me....but it earned me money. $150/week to be exact.  I used to drive the oldest child to the bus stop 20 minutes up the driveway and back from their home to the main road every morning and afternoon.  I would spend half a day each week on the ride on mower listening to my walkman, cutting the grass around the house and back paddock to keep the snakes at bay.  The youngest two children and I would do paint and craft activities and exploring around the property in our day.  What I really liked about my first job was being out in the bush far away from the suburbs and the city but living in a family environment.  

You see my nanny job provided me with a bedroom, food and involved me in the family's activities and a bit of adventure in a farming community.  I cared for their children and in turn they looked after me as it was my first time living away from home.

So I guess it was the atmosphere of farm and family life that drew me to the country doing what I do best, looking after children and fitting in with another family.

A few years later after I had been living overseas for a couple of years I started studying and I picked up a few house cleaning jobs.  It was a nice bit of money in my pocket while I was a student.  This job I have now is probably one of the nicest house cleaning jobs I've had to do.  The reason why I don't mind doing this job is that it gives me a little pocket money and is in a place where I would like to live myself.  It's half an hour away from where we live now, but it's in the rural outskirts of Sydney.  There is natural bushland all around.

There are fruit trees...

and my favourite Autumn trees, Liquid Ambers and Japanese Maples.

It is peaceful, quiet and there is so much space.  I often hear the Bell birds, a donkey braying nearby and a cow lowing off in the distance but no traffic noise.

That is why I like my job, nothing to do with cleaning, I really don't enjoy cleaning, but the atmosphere that I get to soak in once a fortnight.  I can take Toby who just loves it out there as much as I do, he helps me and he gets to explore.  Toby tells me he wishes we had this house because they have stairs and trees and space (and a big house).....this is what he loves doing.

.....and a bit of this

I'm glad I'm still enjoying the things I did when I was 17, I just wish I didn't have to do the cleaning bit.  One day we'll have our own place with space, room to run, trees to climb, pumpkins to grow, Autumn leaves to romp in and to be adventurous in our own's still in my dreams.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Vagabond Spider

I found this little fellow in our back yard.  He's been there for a few weeks now.  Nothing like a little newspaper to keep the chill out.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

More hats

Sam and Donald now have a warm winter hat each that I have crocheted.  We were driving to church on Sunday morning, all the boys were wearing their warm hats, when a chorus piped up from the back seat "When are you going to make yourself a hat Lisha?"....."When I've got a little time, life has been a bit busy lately" I replied.  I have a feeling they thought I felt left out not wearing one.  Even if I did I wouldn't be wearing it on my newly washed and blow dried hair on the way to church.  However I have loved seeing these boys wearing their hats at night after a bath or first thing in the morning when it's a bit chilly.  I am just starting on my own hat at last, my fingers have been itching to start one.

Of course Donald had a little extra special work done on his hat, it was a little difficult trying to crochet a maple leaf into the hat so a little stitch work did the trick.  Donald was most chuffed with his hat.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mothers Day to me means...

Making cupcakes for the school Mothers Day morning tea

Morning tea with my boys and lots of other yummy goodies

Little messages on my bed

Flowers and hugs

Home decorated cards and mugs

That's me!!  I feel loved!!

Happy Mothers Day


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Friday, 7 May 2010

Spidey's back

 Spidey rescued me, he made me smile and chased away my worries and cares.

Thank you Spider boy you're my hero!!