Friday, 29 February 2008

The Tooth Fairy didn't come!

Well the very next day after Ethan lost his first tooth, his second one came out when he was in the bath. 

After the tooth had been inspected and put in the tooth pillow and all of the boys were in bed, I was in the lounge and out came Ethan.  He was feeling a little sad in his tummy.  I asked him if he felt a little sad about his teeth falling out.  He replied after thinking for a bit, "I feel a bit funny about giving my teeth away for money".  So after a little discussion about teeth, growing up and making your own decisions he decided he'd like to keep the tooth.  We put it in a little box in my room and come morning time he was checking to see if it was still there.  I think he was pleased about his decision.  In a way I think he was sad about growing up and losing those things which reminded him of his younger years, even at only 5 3/4 yrs of age.  Bless his sensitive big heart, he's going to be just like his mum, hoarding sentimental things!

Thursday, 28 February 2008

New Boots

Donald took Sam to get new soccer boots yesterday.  We are at the stage where we only need to buy one pair of boots in the year, as Sam's first pair of boots now fit Ethan and Ethan's first boots now almost fit Toby.  Toby is just so excited to be included in the soccer boot club with his brothers.  Sam's new boots are his favourite colour, an amazing blue colour.  So of course they had to be tested with a round of soccer in the back yard with his brothers.  

The Tooth Fairy came

Ethan's first tooth finally came out yesterday at school.  For the last 2 months or more his 2 bottom teeth have been wiggly and Ethan has been waiting and waiting for them to fall out.  Seeing as most of the kids in his class last year had lost their first teeth Ethan was so excited at the slightest movement in his teeth.  He kept checking his all year long.  The tooth fairy came and left a sizeable donation in the tooth pillow.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

We had a visitor

The boys & I were doing the dishes last night when Toby was looking out our lounge room window and staring back at Toby was a dog standing on one of the chairs with her paws on the window sill.


I think she got frightened by the thunder we had last night and saw the glow of our lounge room lights.  She was quite happy to come inside, although she was a little smelly.
We spent the rest of the daylight walking up and down our street knocking on doors with the dog in tow and the boys in their pyjamas, but to no avail, nobody seemed to know where she came from.  So we had a puppy for the night.  Although she's not quite a puppy anymore I'd say she was in her Autumn years and very gentle.  After the boys were in bed I gave her a bath which improved her smell a little.  She was my little shadow all night as the thunder rumbled out side.  She got very excited at bed time and tried to convince me several times that she usually slept on a bed at her house.  I managed to convince her that sleeping on the towel on the floor was a little more appropriate.  There she slept until around 6.30am when there was a fantastic clap of thunder that had us all jumping out of our beds. So she went and jumped on Toby's bed, much to his excitement.

This morning Toby & I went to the vets and found out she was micro chipped and her name was Tess.  Apparently she came from the next suburb over, quite a long way for a distressed little puppy.  Anyway the vet is keeping her until the owners come to collect her.  Toby was a little sad to say good bye to Tess until I had to explain that her mummy and daddy are going to come and get her, which seemed to settle him down.  It didn't stop him asking all morning "Where is the puppy mummy, where is the puppy?". 
I think the boys will be a little sad that she's gone when they come home from school :+[

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

So you think you can dance....?

Ca plane pour moi, Ca plane pour moi, 
Ca plane pour moi!

Toby and Donald were having a dance to Plastic Bertrands "Ca plane pour moi" in the back room yesterday after watching Sunday nights episode of "So you think you can dance" that I had taped. When Toby sees the dancers he says "That was a good dance mummy!", and then he starts swinging his arms and kicking his feet.

I was a little disappointed with Australia's votes last night, I can't believe my favourite 3 female dancers had to dance for their lives and one of them, Cassie, had to go.  One of my favourite male dancers Hilton also had to go.........I'm very sad about that.  He is so long, lean and graceful, I just wanted to see more of his dancing.   At least Kate's still in, although Sam thought she looked a bit weird last night!!! Not sure why, maybe all the makeup!

Monday, 25 February 2008

Hand Stands

I have vague recollections of a photo taken of Gabby (my sister) and I doing hand stands either in our back yard at Kenmore or at Hervey Bay on holiday when we were kids.  I think we were wearing our Holly Hobby smock tops and shorts.  Seeing the boys attempting hand stands and head stands brought back memories of doing cartwheels, hand stands and head stands in our back yard and even cartwheels down our front slope at Kenmore.  You just kept on going until you got too dizzy or ran into a tree!

New Calling

I have been given a new calling at church, I am the first councellor in the Primary Presidency.  I get to help run the primary sunday school classes with the childrens lovely new Primary President, Stacy.  

For those of you who don't know, our church runs through each member being called by the bishop to do a certain job or calling.  We are given the materials or texts necessary to teach the church doctorine and this service we do unpaid.  I'm excited as I've only taught in the 3year olds class in Canada a long time ago, and now I get to particitpate with all of the different age groups.  I also get to keep an eye on the boys :+]  The Primary teachers are all wonderful how they help our children grow spiritually. Previously I was the secretary for the Relief Society, the womens group in our church, which focuses on the spiritual & social welfare of all women in our ward.  

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sunday afternoon

It was such a beautiful day today cool inside the house and warm outside.  The air is dry and the nights are cooler, Autumn is on it's way, yay!  Playing in the garden is alot more enjoyable.  So I took the boys and my book out into the back yard.

Everyone seemed to want my book or at least to distract me from it.  I'm reading the second book in His Dark Materials trilogy (better known as the Golden Compass), The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman.  We never got to see the movie but the boys and I read a mini chapter book from a cereal box called Iorek Byrnison, the bear from the book, and have been hooked ever since.

Meanwhile Sam & Toby played on the trampoline and Ethan was learning how to use our camera.  Then they swapped and Sam learned how to use the camera.  They both seemed to have a good eye and centred their photos well.  The picture of me above, Ethan took.  I don't usually like many pictures of me but this one I liked.  He also took the one below.  Not bad hey?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Birkenhead Point

On Saturday Donald thought it might be a nice idea to go out for lunch with the family and Birkenhead Point was the place to do it.  Lunch in a nice outdoor setting, watching the boats, relaxation,  a fun family outing.  

After 20 minutes in the car of "I'm hungry, when do we get there, I'm bored, do we have to go"........we finally arrived.  Now our first objective was to find food and fast.  Ethan had forgotten to eat breakfast (too busy playing) and was halfway into meltdown.  So we went to the Turkish food place and got some yummy things, I can't remember their names.  They were a soft crepe with cheese & spinach, chicken or beef inside and cooked on a hot grill.

After wolfing down our lunch we decided to look at the shops......Big Mistake...... "Do we have to, can we go home, I want to play Nintendo........" etc, etc.  We were the family that people look at and say "Can't they control their kids?"  There was wrestling on the floor outside Colorado, hiding under the clothes racks and building forts out of tent bags in Katmandu and plenty more.

So rules to follow when shopping with children:

1. Feed them before you go anywhere

2. Don't give them fizzy drink

3. Don't take your children shopping with you 

4.  Definately don't take your children shopping with you  :+/

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Beautiful dancers

Last night we let Sam & Ethan stay up and watch "So you think you can dance".  I love the show and I love watching how the dancers move and express themselves, their flexibility and funky moves. At the end when they were judging which girls get to stay in the competition Sam saw Kate.  One of the gorgeous female dancers.  He said "wow she is beautiful", then he very quickly turned to me and said "she is beautiful, but your more beautiful mummy, your the most beautiful".

Sam always makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful person in the world.  I feel loved.

Monday, 18 February 2008


I know that Autumn is just around the corner when the William Bartlet pears appear on the shelves in the fruit shop.  I love the colours of these pears when they are ripened to perfection.  I buy them green but they have to have a little red colouring on them.  When they finally ripen after a couple of days in the fruit bowl they display my favourite Autumn colours, yellows, oranges and reds. Now I can't wait for the leaves to start changing to those colours.

Basil pesto pasta

Donald made us dinner last night and it wasn't the usual hamburgers.  Mind you Donald does make the most delicious, juicy and tasty hamburgers.  This time he made basil & pine nut pesto, with basil from our garden.  It was one of the best meals he has cooked for us and it was nice to have something different cooked by someone else for a change.  

Sunday, 17 February 2008

More trampolining

The National Geographic photographer is back with a new species of jumping animal.....the Earth (jumping) Walkers.  I just loved taking photos of the boys jumping so we had some more fun trying different jumping positions. 

I had so much fun taking photo's of the kids trampolining, that I decided to join them....... 

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Trampoline jumping

Yesterday Sam & Ethan each had a friend over to play, whoever comes to play just loves going on our trampoline.  So I got the camera out and just kept clicking, it was so much fun hearing the camera on action mode.  I almost felt like a National Geographic photographer in the wilds of Africa capturing a rare family of monkeys at play.  Instead I was just in the back yard capturing a bunch of kangaroos hopping around in a circle.

I had so much fun looking at the photos I'd taken, seeing the expression on the boys faces and each position as they flew in the air.  Their hair flying or dropping as they landed or pushed off the trampoline.  Toby's hair was particularly intersting, straight or bouncy!!

Funky Flowers

We have a lovely  tree in our back yard beside our cubby house, and climbing in the shade of the branches is this vine.  The vine grows these funky flowers and to look at they are just.......perfect.  Every little stem has a perfect little star shaped flower.  They never seem to look bruised or battered by the wind.  

The funny thing is they grow upside down and they flower many times throughout the year.  When the flowers are forming they look like little wax replicas before they get the dark colour in the centre of the little blossom.  I love the soft pink colour and their perfect little shapes.

I also found this unusual spider sitting on the thick leaves of this vine.

Friday, 15 February 2008


They're round all around and they're bigger at the bottom, 
They're smaller at the top and we know we love em, 
Cause they're egg shaped and they're eggs.
Things with fins and wings and legs
Lay Eggs!

Just a little Playschool song that came to mind as Toby & I went to the chicken farm today.  About once a month we go and get some free range eggs for ourselves and for friends from church.  Toby loves to see the chickens, he thinks they're funny and he says "they might get me".  He's very careful not to chase them though.

There is a very old retired tractor there that Toby loves to sit on, which I think is the main attraction for Toby, although he does love the chickens. Sam & Ethan get very annoyed when Toby & I go to the chicken farm, because they have never been and would love to come with us.  They really want to go and Ethan tells me he's never seen the chicken farm, so I told him I would take photo's this time.......he still wasn't satisfied.  Maybe next time we'll go on a Saturday!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day

A Happy Valentines Day to everyone, we hope your loved ones show their love for you by doing something......loving. I like seeing the boys faces when they discover special treats and celebrations on the dining room table in the mornings, that's the reward in itself after the late nights baking cookies and early mornings making a cooked breakfast.

Valentines sugar cookies

The boys woke up to Valentines cards, heart shaped cookies and pancakes for breakfast this morning.  

Yummy pancakes!

Work, work, work

Donald is very busy working at the moment, so my blogging time decreases.  So here are some pics of Donald hard at work yesterday.  I can't tell you what he's working on until it's over, but I keep hearing the same music clip over and over and over.  You get the picture.  His cold legs snuggled next to my warm ones just before 6am this morning.  I found this little note on the kitchen bench when I woke up.