Sunday, 30 September 2012

Where did September go?

September has come and gone (almost) so quickly, the flowers have also come and gone so quickly as well.  I think blown away by the hot winds and washed away by the occasional thunder storm.  September is always an eventful month.  My Aunt Desley and Uncle John came to stay, Toby had his birthday, it was our 17th Wedding Anniversary and my 43rd birthday.  So here are a few snippets of what we've been up to, I thought I'd try and squeeze this post in before the end of September, about half an hour away :+(

Lots of walks with Amelia to enjoy the colours and scents of Spring.

Toby chose to sit in the back room with his dinner so he could count the lightening strikes from the thunder storm.

Soccer trophy day, Donald still hobbling with plaster on his leg and crutches.

Ethan and Toby's school had an art show in their school hall to display special works of art.  Ethan's piece was the maple leaf above his head.

Toby sewed an owl and named it Fluffy,

then he made a house for Fluffy and some of his friends.

Amelia's after Sam's mouthful of spray cream it was the funniest sight, Sam wasn't quite prepared for the force of Amelia and her passion for food!

Holidays, my birthday, backyard nerf battles and lunch dates.

Sam's away at Young Men's camp for our church, it's his first time and he's been gone four days and four nights.  I've been thinking about him lots and missing him. He's using my old rucksack that has travelled the world.

Donald took us to a game of soccer to see Sydney's new team the Western Sydney Wanderers play a pre-season trial game.  It was very noisy sitting next to their fan club cheering and banging on a drum.

So we moved seats to the other side of the soccer ground where it was very quiet and Toby was able to run free and use up the energy that his can of soft drink gave him.

Camping and kayaking earlier in the month has been making me think about the good and fun things I should be doing in life.  So I went out and bought myself a kayak for my birthday.  I finally took it for a paddle on Saturday.  It was a windy and splashy paddle but it was good, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

It's always fun when uncle Alister comes to stay, he cooks, he does dishes and he plays games with the boys, especially nerf wars!

 Welcome October let's hope you'll be kind to us.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Take me away for a night and a day. . .

. . . . and you will find me a happier person!

The place:  Crosslands Youth Convention Centre camping grounds.
The people:  Our wards youth and their families, who were great company.  There were some snorers, coughers, chatterboxes, a waking baby and even some singers in the late hours around the campfire but we all managed to get at least 2 hours sleep.
The food:  Magnificent camp food prepared by Tina, Mari, Kimberly, myself and the Young Women.
Activities:  Eating, basketball, tennis, walking, canoeing, kayaking, eating, talking around the campfire, toasting marshmallows, burning sticks, fishing, eating, swimming, eating, toasting marshmallows . . . .

Monday, 10 September 2012

Birthday fun

Sunday my baby turned 7.  Toby woke up to a pancake breakfast in bed and he was so happy.  After church he opened his presents, as he only managed to open one before we left for church.  Sunday afternoon was a family afternoon with my Aunt Desley and Uncle John staying with us and my sister Gabby and husband Neil joined us in celebrating Toby's birthday.

Toby decided he wanted a chocolate cake with Maltesers and strawberries on it.  So I added a bit of flare with chocolate cream and strawberries in between the layers of cake and then drizzled on a chocolate ganache and decorated with the Maltesers and strawberries.  Lets just say it was rather decadent and only a thin slice was necessary.

Today Toby had a few friends over after school to celebrate, they jumped on the trampoline and decorated cupcakes and pretty much spent the afternoon laughing at the sounds jelly oranges make when you slurp them up.

Toby is such a sweet gentle spirit, he is lots of fun, full of energy and loved by many.