Saturday, 30 May 2009

Magic Boots

One fine day, this very day, Sam needed some boots, 
which Donald provided, 
And on his feet they landed.

Oh the magic boots, the magic boots
They run like this, and they run like that,
They ran down the field,
Through the air the soccer ball spun
Which bounced off Sam's head and started the fun.

Oh the magic boots, the magic boots
They run like this, and they run like that,
Running along
They tackled that ball free
Then Sam did some throw-ins, I think about three.

Oh the magic boots, the magic boots
They run like this, and they run like that,
The ball passed to Sam
Who ran and wove
He kicked the ball in the goal, by Jove!

Oh the magic boots, the magic boots
They run like this, and they run like that,
Sam played on fire
He was man of the match
I think he'll make an excellent catch!

A special mention to Ethan because he scored a magnificent goal and I wasn't there to see it.  It's hard to be in two places at the same time.  I think Ethan and Sam scored their goals at about the same time.  

Inspiration and Credits to Mem Fox for her incredible book of rhyme "The Magic Hat".

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I scream, you scream...

...we all scream for ice cream!  There is something wonderful about being the first one to open a new container of ice cream.  Like a fresh snow fall, little ice cream mountains and valleys call to me.  I feel it is my rite of passage as the shopper and mother of the house to steal the first taste of ice cream from a newly bought bucket of ice cream.

Once it has travelled all the way from the shopping centre it loosens up a little and slowly starts to melt around the edges.  To me that is my reward for "battling it out" at the shops.....pushing a trolley around the supermarket along with my 3 year old, trying to remember what I "really needed" to buy, answering a 3 year olds questions, getting distracted by the chocolate aisle, having your very helpful 3 year old unloading the trolley at the checkout for you, trying to remember if there is enough money in the bank to pay for this trolley load, transferring the bags from trolley to car and the final leg of lugging the shopping bags from the car to the kitchen.  Once home it's time to dive into those snowy mountains of ice cream.

I always share with my little shopping companion, it's his rite of passage too.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

What did you do...

...this  lovely wet Saturday?  Soccer was cancelled due to the wet weather all week.  We had plans.....going for a drive to the mountains, perhaps go ice skating.  What do people normally do on a Saturday if you're not driving around to sporting activities?  We slept in, Donald made pancake/crepes (fat crepes in other words) and then we......didn't do much.  We stayed in our pj's all day, except Toby who got dressed.  I even had a shower, but put my pajama's back on.  We watched tv and read.  This afternoon we sat around the table eating nacho's and cookies and playing scrabble and a little Nintendo DS in between.  It's been the most relaxing day.  I think it's toast for dinner tonight.  

I just hope no one comes knocking on our door, cause I'll have to answer it in my pajama's, maybe they'll think I'm extra early for bed, after all it is 5pm now.  What did you do this lovely wet Saturday?  I hope you weren't floating away in the floods.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Leaf litter and my little pumpkin

The colours are just incredible

How does a tree make such vibrant colours and then discard them so easily?

Why is it that I love pumpkins and autumn leaves so much?

The joy that these colours and this little man brings me is indescribable.

What's for dinner?

Spaghetti and Meatballs, want the recipe?  Go and see What's for dinner Mum?

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

On the mend

A quiet day at home, still recovering from a combination of things, headaches, body aches, cold, cough, sinus pains etc.  My body doesn't feel my own.  So keeping a slow pace I'm trying to mend.  Another sick little body making playdough volcanoes while I sit at the table sewing.

My other type of mending.....

.....knee patches on school trousers, patching Donald's jeans...oh where are you mother??  Donald has brought out his pile of jeans that are looking tired and sad, a little like me.  I think I'm missing you, not because of Donald's jeans, just miss you and am thinking of you.  Hoping you're having fun traipsing across the green of Ireland or Wales.  

Monday, 18 May 2009

New Cooking Blog

Want a peek??  Then click here or on the side bar image.

 I'm kind of excited about it.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My favourite time of year

A time for driving and spotting the most beautiful autumn trees.

A time for tomato soup and cheesy breadsticks

A time to share some warming delicious recipes

Time to start up a cooking blog!!!

Yep I have already started one but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a few more days for my resident artist to complete a few final touches.  Stay tuned.  

Even though I'm miserable with sinus troubles I really love this time of year.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Monday, 11 May 2009

Wanna come over...

....and play some records??  Guess what I got for mothers day??  

We have had so much fun listening to my family's old record collection.  They have brought back so many memories and some old and different music for my boys ears.  The stories behind the albums, and how we used to ponder over the lyrics to the songs while the music was playing.  When we were kids my sister Gabby and I, and a few girls from our neighbourhood, used to stand on our front concrete door step, it was a perfect stage, with music pouring out the downstairs window we would mime and dance to our ABBA records.  Fighting over who would be Agnetha the beautiful blonde, we thought that people driving by actually thought we were singing.  I was so looking forward to playing those records again, when I discovered that there was only one ABBA record in the collection and it had a large chip out of it too!  Any idea where the other one's are Gabby??  Nevertheless I was so glad to hear my old Beatles Ballads again, it had been a long time since I heard it last.  When Donald put on the music from Swan Lake I burst into tears, so many memories.......sentimental fool that I am.

The boys enjoyed listening to the Star Wars theme by John Williams, standing around reading the Album cover and humming along to the music.  They found Sparky's Magic Piano a bit painful though and refused listening to the other side, Sparky and the talking train.

I think I woke up to Trumpet a GoGo this morning.  Donald has taken to the record player as much as I have, I think he's out scouring old record shops right now looking for some of his own family memories.  Maybe we'll introduce the boys to a bit of Roger Whittaker this afternoon, one of my dad's old favourites, alongside West Side Story and a bit of Chad Morgan's The Sheik from Scrubby Creek.

Oooowwr, Ooooowwr, Oowr Oowr Oowr Oooowwr........  You get the picture Jan and Gabby!  At least I know a good punishment for the boys when they misbehave, I can't wait for that day.

What are some of your favourite old records?

Sunday, 10 May 2009

To a Mum...

......who travels across the world just to be with her daughters.

Happy Mothers Day

Love Lisha

Friday, 8 May 2009

A busy week

60 chocolate cup cakes baked for Ethan's class's cake day on Thursday and Mother's Day morning tea at school today.  Want to know the recipe?  Stay tuned next week.

The boys school holds this morning tea every year.  The children also make their special gifts for mum's and grandma's, present them to us at this lovely morning tea day and I get to sit with my boys and enjoy the cakes I baked as well as other yummy cakes.

You may wonder why we are all wearing green.  Well this day also includes the school cross country carnival and the boys and I are wearing their house colours.  While we waited for the cross country to start Donald, Toby and I hung out under the beautiful Autumn trees.  

Then cheered on these guys and the rest of the school as they ran by.

Now I've just got to get to three soccer games tomorrow, organize a special mother's day sharing time for Primary at church on Sunday and relax and enjoy myself on Mother's Day.

Ha ha ha ha

He he he

Ho ho


Thursday, 7 May 2009

What's a girl to do?

The kids are at swimming lessons and the husband has taken them, the house is quiet, what's a girl to do?  Well here I am looking through the holiday photo's and there are still so many I want to post about.  I think it relaxes me, it calms me and settles my tired head.  

After our visit with my friend Toni, we headed out to Laidley to "the shed".  It is such a peaceful place, the air is cleaner, the sky goes on forever and the stars, so much brighter.  I just love the sunsets out there.

We froze half of Ethan's birthday cake from his party and saved it for his actual Birth day and blew out the candles once again for afternoon tea out at Laidley.

The boys were happy to have a little freedom and to ride the mini bike around the paddock, zip along on the go cart once again and dig in the sand pile.

My cousin Joanna came over from Esk with her boys to visit for an afternoon and our neighbour loved having some big boys to play with every day. 

We've come across a few horse friends these holidays and this year at Laidley this fellow came visiting to the back fence.  He enjoyed a carrot or two and a little chat and I in turn enjoyed his horsey smell, it brings back good memories.  Although he did wonder a little at the camera pointed in his face.

An uncles visit, a camp fire and toasted marshmellows.

Aaaahh! Holiday over, dinner to make!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Let's do..

...the Time Warp again!! I'm feeling like I need another holiday after the first week back at school. It's barely the middle of the week and already I feel a wreck. So I thought I might go back into the Queensland time warp again, the middle part and relive those lovely days.

We had the pleasure of visiting and staying with my good friend Toni, who I have known since primary school. When we were kids she used to come and visit her grand parents, who lived next door to us, on her horse Ben. The moment I heard the clip clop of horses hooves outside on the street, my ears would prick up and I'd be out there in a flash. Not only did she ride her horse, but she would sometimes bring her old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chrissie riding on the front of her saddle.  A lot has changed since those days, Toni and I both living over seas, both being bridesmaids at each others weddings, but we still managed to visit each other and keep in touch. However Toni is back in Australia and she has horses once again as well as a husband and beautiful daughter. So we had a fun stay hanging out with Toni, Sal and Hannah, the horses and their dog Molly.

Toni testing the waters with her new pal Shultz

The kids playing with Flash

Ethan celebrated his birthday here with a beautiful breakfast of Belgian waffles made by Sal, doesn't he look a happy 7 year old?

Sal and Donald contemplating life

The kids just hanging out