Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mystical Magnolias

It was such a beautiful day today, after all of the rain we've had lately, it's lovely to be outside.  I went for a big walk today. It's been a busy couple of weeks and my brain and body are in overload.  I have been in need of fresh air, sunshine and nature to clear out the cobwebs and calm myself down. 

There was a purpose in my step today, my aim was to capture as many Magnolias in my neighbourhood as I could find.  Well. . . it wasn't particularly hard as there are lots of them around that are just bursting forth their colours.

After walking the boys to school of a morning I kept forgetting to take my camera, and so kept making mental notes to remember 'next time' to bring it as I really wanted some photo's of a particular Magnolia tree up the road from us.

I think I took about 90 or more photo's this morning, as I came across so many Magnolia trees on my walk with Amelia.  So here's a little selection of my favourites. . . . there were so many!!

I did not want to return to the house, to the mountains of laundry,  to the bathrooms that needed cleaning, to the pile of wisteria cuttings that needed to be attended to on the front lawn weeds and our front porch that has been accumulating clutter.  It was such a beautiful morning that I extended my wander around a few more streets in search of more Magnolias.

The Magnolia

by Lisha

Mystical, magnificent Magnolias,
such strong sturdy flowers,
with gnarled and knotted branches.
A glimpse up through the limbs 
reveals a zig zag effect,
with the tilt and bend of each twig and shoot
bulging with buds.
From white, pale pink to burgundy,
their petals point to the sky,
before they fall open
revealing what's inside.
The heart, such a soft heart,
in need of those firm petals to fortify.

I did however manage, with Donald's help, to sort the Wisteria cuttings, clean the front porch and fold the washing while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  Although the laundry is still folded neatly on the lounge room floor and we never got to finish Harry Potter as we had to pick the boys up from school, I still think the day was a success.


Suzi said...

LOVE pink magnolias. there's just something so calming and regal about them. so nice!

Ethan said...

Love the pictures of magnolias very pretty. :)