Monday, 24 October 2011

Bits and Pieces

It's only been two weeks. . . . or is that three now. . . since the holidays finished??  I just don't know I'm losing track of time.  I feel a little lost about blog posting at the moment.  Lots of things going on, so much to blog about but I just don't have that. . . . blogging feeling!!  I've been taking photo's, going for lots of walks, have lots of fun things to share about the holidays and the first week back at school but just don't have that oomph needed to write about it all.

My sister Gabby and her husband Neil, from Cycles of Nature, are staying with us at the moment after their long cycling journey.  We spent some time with them up in Queensland, so you can see on their blog a bit about our holidays as I'm too slack to blog about it.  We've been doing lots of cooking and eating of feasts every night, it's a good thing I'm going walking nearly every day.  It's lovely to have them here to spend a little time with.

Donald is away working with his dad up near Goondiwindi on the NSW side of the border.  He rode his motorbike up there on Friday and arrived in the afternoon with a very sore bum.

I can't believe we're heading into the last few months of the year.  Sam will be graduating from Primary School at the end of this year, in less than two months now, and in one month will be turning 12.  It was only yesterday that he was starting in Kindy.

And now he's driving Grandad Wayne's old ute around the paddock in Laidley and appearing in a TV game show (unfortunately I can't tell you much about that as it hasn't aired yet).  What a gorgeous boy he is and has always been.

A little crazy at times with the onset of hormones but he has such a wonderful heart and spirit of fun and love.  Hopefully high school won't be too traumatic for him.

If I can get my act together and get some photo's organised I might just be able to do a blog post or two about our holidays.  We made it over to Stradbroke Island, had a few nerf wars, ate lots of strawberries, had lots of family get-togethers as well as visited Laidley for more nerf wars. 

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Rose said...

Time spend with family is the best time spend! Yes time really runs fast , for me too ! It was only yesterday when I had passed my high school but logically it's been 3-4 years.Wow strawberries is something I'm always up for.
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