Sunday, 6 June 2010

Weekend ups and downs

I'm just warning you readers this is going to be a long post.  I have had a very productive Saturday, firstly all soccer grounds were closed due to the ever so rainy week we've had, so Saturday was a free day and it turned out to be a lovely day.   The sun was shining and a light breeze was blowing so I opened up all of the windows in the house and began de-moulding our front door and hall way.  The rain has brought more mould and every time I walk in our front door there has been a pungent mouldy smell.  I hate mould with a vengence, my shoes under the bed had started growing it and so did our front door.  We now have white walls again surrounding our front door and my shoes are now clean.  Still not sure how to rid the whole house of mould though, I guess one room at a time.  The joys of living in a rental house.

Secondly, our bunny has been pelted by the rain in his little cage and his run out in the open, so I built him a new winter run under the protection of some big trees in our back yard.  He loves it.

Toby helped me hammer in the wooden pegs to hold up the green mesh fence and Sam took the towels off the line for me as it started to rain (see I even managed to hang laundry on the line too). I think the bunny is very happy in his new home, he has been hopping, skipping and digging around his new area, getting familiar with the new yard.  I have a bit of a soft spot for our funny bunny.

I also made some rice bubble date slice too, without the choc topping this time, been eating too much chocolate lately.  I passed the recipe on to a friend's friend who had requested it and it got my taste buds tingling for it again.  Here is the recipe.  

I feel quite satisfied with my accomplishments, it's not often I get things done on a Saturday particularly during the soccer season.  However come Sunday I felt quite overwhelmed and overcome with emotion in our Relief Society lesson at church.  I think I am in awe of women and the amazing things that we can accomplish and the heavy laden baskets that we carry.    Our baskets full of worry, love and concern that we have for our families and friends and the jobs we have to do to get our families through the week...through the day.  Are we doing enough, are we not doing enough?  Are we taking care of ourselves? How is my mood affecting my children and family?  How is my health affecting my children?  How can I stay healthy?  How is that mould affecting my health?  When am I going to get the time to rid our house of all that mould?   Then there's the never ending piles of laundry....just a few of my dilemma's.

I am very humbled hearing of the roles that women take on in their lives.  It brings a very spiritual feeling in my heart knowing how special and wonderful every woman is.  How unique we all are and how each of us approach things differently.  Our lesson, taught by our Relief Society President Carli, was very thought provoking, even if I did start crying within the first five minutes of it, the lesson had me thinking about my role in my family.  Carli brings a beautiful spirit to a wonderful group of women in our Relief Society.  Although raising a family often overwhelms me, partly due to my health, and with Donald and I living so far away from our own families, I think I'm alone at times...many times.  As my weeks get busier and busier and with Donald branching out in different and various working capacities,  I feel all of those questions above and feel a little swamped at the many things that need doing.  I most often let things slide, apart from the immediate family necessities, I let things go to a point that they become the mould on the door and shoes.  

I know that I have a beautiful circle of friends on whom I can lean on in times of need and I know that my Heavenly Father will never give me more than I can handle (so Donald keeps telling me).  I just have to remember to lean on them.  I just have to remember to lean on Heavenly Father and to pour out my troubles to bring some peace and calm to myself.  I have to remember to use those tools given to me, prayer, scripture reading, reading inspirational talks from our church leaders and serving others.  One step at a step at a time.  

In the meantime I shall still enjoy the rain and the rainbows and the colourful leaves....they are such a good distraction from nasty things like mould and laundry and house cleaning......


Kim said...

I think that if you are not overwhelmed often by raising a family you are not doing it right.

And I confess that I let so many things slide until they reach crisis stage that Jesse once asked me what I was doing when I was mopping the floors - and she was 5!

The only way I have found is to look for the 'one needful thing' then do that and let the rest simmer slowly. And still I am often overwhelmed. It passes and we all get a turn once in a while of feeling like we can handle it all again.

Also I am looking at blogs instead of getting moving with the morning 'cause I can't cope with the idea of getting the little ones up.

Lisha said...

Thanks Kim, It's good to know that I'm not alone.