Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Kids Day

Well it has come around again, for those of you not in the know about Kids Day go here to see what it's all about.  We had a few plans and idea's that the boys wanted to do or things I wanted to do for the boys.  It just was a really lovely family day that doesn't happen that often, the weather was great and gave us a chance to get outdoors.

Sam and Ethan were woken up extra early Monday morning by Donald to watch the Socceroo's verse Germany at 4.30am.  I could hear their disappointed groans from my warm, snugly bed...I could tell the game didn't go well.  Then they sadly all went back to bed.   I don't think Sam and Ethan slept though, but read in bed for a while.  A little later I was up preparing a breakfast of fruit crepes with syrup and melted butter and little gifts of lollies and magazines laid out on the table for the boys. 

Some wrestling in the lounge room for an after breakfast activity was also participated in.

We went for a lovely family walk around our neighbourhood streets and bushland area.

Saw lots of amazing flowers springing up... 

....and the last of the Autumn leaves. 

We found these seed pods on a tree which I haven't seen since my childhood.  They brought back many memories, we used to float them in Moggil Creek down the road from where we lived in Kenmore.

So we collected as many seed pods as we could carry and went boating at the creek.

We did a few more fun things for Kids Day but we ended it with some Nintendo (always a compulsory activity on Kids Day) and their choice for dinner was to go to an unnamed fast food restaurant with a play area.

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Kim said...

I love the idea of a kids day - but I am still not telling Max! It looks like a lovely day.