Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A photo a day: Week 22

May 27

 Sunday:  pancakes for dessert, oh so delicious!

May 28

 Decorating cupcakes for family home evening

May 29

Toby loves building with lego and magnets.  He is always creating and designing new and different machines that live on our dining room table.

May 30

A beer keg mail box this time.

May 31

A sunset captured.

June 1

Toby's class performed the "Wombat Stew" story at assembly, Toby was a marvelous koala who put gumnuts in the stew.

June 2

A trip to Melbourne for some rest and relaxation with my Aunt.  Saturday morning Desley and I went for a walk to the park where the Autumn leaves were still falling.


Kim said...

I've been scrolling way back through your blog with Max to have a look at the miniature painting the boys did a while ago - so lovely - you have three lucky boys.

Kim said...

We had to be out both days when Sam was on tv - hoping you have a clip to put on the blog!