Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A photo a day: Week 23

Here I am blogging again at last.  It feels kind of strange and I feel very much out of practice.  I almost forgot how to upload photo's onto the blog.  After much enthusiasm and patience lost with our internet connection we finally have a new Belkin router for the internet.  After months and months of extremely poor quality internet and many phone calls to our internet provider/phone company and the Belkin company trying to talk me through ways to improve and fix our internet and much frustration over very slow, poor quality internet.  Belkin decided that we had a faulty router and have kindly sent us a new one under their lifetime guarantee.  I am now happy to be on a computer again, although don't really feel like spending much time on here, so I'll try and catch up with my photo a day, or a photo a day when I remember to take a photo.  Stay tuned!!  Here is week 23.

June 3

Yum cha with Desley and the Scotts in Melbourne.  Desley loves squeezing those pork buns.  It was a feast on wheels.  The ladies kept bringing the trolleys around and we kept on taking things to sample and fight over at our table.

June 4

Gingko leaves that have fallen in the park.  They are such a beautiful tree as the leaves turn from a rich green in summer to many shades of yellow in Autumn and Winter.

June 5

Flying back to Sydney above the clouds.

June 6

A sick boy at home with me today.

June 7

Sam's full cast is removed and replaced with a half cast of blue fiber glass and he can finally wash his arm in the shower with the new cast.  After the old cast was removed his arm was a bit smelly.

June 8

Ethan and Toby raking the leaves to earn some Nintendo time.

June 9
Man of the Match!! 'Nuff said!!

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