Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Grand Final day recap

7.10am getting ready to leave for the first game, celebration cupcakes at the ready

8am saw us at Sam's Grand final game

9.50am Sam's team were presented with Runners Up medals

2.30pm Donald's Grand Final game kicks off (sorry no photo's), 
2.35pm the boys and I leave for Ethan's Grand Final game at another field
3.30pm Ethan's Grand Final game begins

3.35pm phone call from Donald to tell me he hurt his leg in his game and was going to hospital in an ambulance
4.45pm Under 10's Runners Up medal presentation

5.10pm visit Donald in hospital

6.26pm X-ray confirms Donald has spiral fracture of his fibula and will need surgery to correct it the next day

It was a long day!


melissa pratt said...

Oh poor donald. give him our love and well wishes. Hope is recovery is speedy.

Kim said...

After all this time I guess the cast is almost gone by now - but - ouch! That's quite the day all round.