Saturday, 1 September 2012

Spring surprises

I can't let the first day of Spring go by without marking the day.  It is a beautiful day, the sky is blue and the wind has a chill to it.  This morning on my walk I found an egg on the ground.  I searched high and low for the nest that it might have fallen from but to no avail.  So I brought the egg home to identify it.  I do believe it is a Common Blackbird's egg.  So I have been listening to the Beatles this morning on YouTube singing Blackbird.  I am now trying to incubate it in a nest of cotton wool and a light proving some warmth, I'm not sure how successful I'll be.

Later this morning while Sam was vacuuming and Ethan was working on his school project I took Toby to his swimming lesson.  Now that soccer is over on Saturdays we have so much more freedom.

There was a lovely discovery in the back yard this afternoon after Sam and I mowed the lawn.  My miniature orchid had flowered again, it usually flowers every other year but it this is the second year in a row it has flowered and with two flower stems as well.

The boys had some fun outdoor time today after getting many chores done.  They went a little crazy on the trampoline.

Ethan tried to avoid coming back inside to work on his project that is due on Monday.  So he climbed up on the cubby house roof to escape.

I managed to convince him to come back inside and now he is working away drawing penguins for his story book that he has written.

It has been a very productive first day of Spring and I've quite enjoyed this little blogging experience.

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