Monday, 31 December 2012

Farewell 2012. . . it was. . . interesting!

It's the end of December and the end of the year so I must recap on the months happenings.  December was quite a creative month for me.  Even though it is the busiest, craziest and most stressful month of the year, I managed to maintain a certain calm in my head and I think that was helped by lots of quiet time and creative quiet time in between the Christmas end of year activities.

Hugs for Ethan upon receiving his Prefects badge.  A very proud moment for the Walkers.

My boy is all grown up and responsible now.

My creativity kicked in with the design, baking and decorating of the Year 6 Farewell cake.  As Ethan was in year 5, the year 5 families were to organise the farewell for the year 6's.  I put my hand up for making the cake.  With a few ideas from Donald, I decided on a two layer cake, the top layer was a butter cake and the bottom a chocolate mud cake, and it was all covered in ganache and chocolate and gold dust.

The theme of the evening was a Masquerade, so I decorated a mask and the cake with the school colours of Royal Blue and Yellow (Gold).

It took me two days to bake and decorate.  It was two days of peace and quiet at home with my cake.  I really enjoyed making it.

Some of the kids at the farewell didn't think the cake was real, they thought it was just a fake decoration.  When it was time to cut the cake, it all disappeared within 20 minutes. Two days to make 20 minutes to eat!

Donald made the yellow mask below as his work Christmas party was also a Masquerade party, so Ethan used it as well for his party.  Ethan had the best time dancing, he is rather skilled at Gangnam style dancing.

A Friday afternoon saw the boys and I choosing our Apex Christmas tree before heading to the school Christmas Carols.  Christmas finally arrived with the smell of the fresh tree.

School Christmas Carols, cans of softdrink and crocheted elf hats!

We made snowflakes for our front window and hung lights around the tree.

Our neighbour decided it was time for some tree chopping.  My favourite Liquid Amber at our back fence was to deliver Autumn leaves no more.  I was very sad, worried for the possums and bird life who called this tree their home.  I was sad for the loss of luscious green and shade.

The Liquid Amber and the Cypress beside are no more.  There is a huge gap where they once were.

Maybe I might be able to grow some veggies beneath the clothes line now the sun shines there, and maybe the grass will start growing near the back fence.

Ethan and Toby danced in the school dance concert the week before the end of school.  It was colourful and fun.

Toby danced with a serious look on his face as he concentrated on his dance moves, I think Ethan just had fun.

After many school activities in the early weeks in December we were able to finally decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas goodies were made enclosed in jam jars and delivered attached with Christmas crochet stars.  (Not sure why these photo's won't center properly for me)

Photo: Tim Tam balls and cookies packed up last night and delivered today at church to Sunday School teachers.

Photo: Learning to crochet stars, beneath the Christmas lights and listening to Bing Crosby, Johnny Cash and Michael Buble Christmas carols.  #stars #crochet #crochetstars

Christmas Eve was a very hot day, we spent most of it inside in the cool but we also had a little bubble time outside with Toby's big bubble maker he received from his church primary teacher.  Those big bubbles are fun.

Donald took charge of the Christmas Eve food and festivities, with the help of my mum.  With little lobster salads to start and lots of yummy nibblies. 

The most delicious celebratory drink was crystal glasses full of Fronti (sparkling non-alcoholic grape drink) and fresh pomegranates squeezed into them.

Our family tradition is to open some of our presents to each other on Christmas Eve, so Amelia got the ball rolling and ripped into the first present.

Christmas Eve concluded with a Walker tradition, trifle made by a combined effort from Sam and Donald.  

Christmas Day spent feasting with family.

My favourite food of the day was my turkey stuffing and gravy and Grandmas Christmas pudding with ice-cream.  My favourite weather for Christmas day (apart from snow) was a cold rainy day.  The temperature dropped from 35°C Christmas Eve to 18°C for a cool Christmas morning, it was so lovely, especially seeing as I spent my day cooking in the kitchen.

Boxing day Lego construction

Donald's Boxing Day project, cutting up and sewing his old denim jeans together to cover one of our single lounges.

Post Christmas family get togethers with the Queensland side of my family.

The last stitch in my crochet blanket on the last day of 2012.  I really love this blanket and the colours.  I started it 18 months ago when my mum was in hospital. I am so pleased I finished it this morning.

It is complete and I feel accomplished.  It has been a very creative month for me.  I'm ready to start on another blanket, maybe a new blanket for the New Year, or finish off some other unfinished projects.

Best Wishes to all for a most Happy and Healthy 2013.  
Thank you for following Earth Walker family and thank you for your comments, they always make me feel special and they make my day!

Love Lisha and the Earth Walker family

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Happy summer holidays dear Lisha x

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Wow Lisha, What a year!!
Happy New Year to you & yours.

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Beautiful blanket Lisha (and an AMAZING cake!!).