Friday, 11 January 2013


Last night the boys and I ate dinner out on the front porch.  It had been a long time since we'd done that.  I think we realised how much we've missed sitting on the front porch.  When the weather is hot we've been hibernating inside, I think I'm a bit tired of the inside of our house.  Toby helped me prepare dinner by grating some carrot and cheese for our dinner wraps and then he went outside to water my pumpkin plants.

He loves watering the garden.  It's that quiet time outside when the day is ending and the sun is low in the sky and the plants are thirsty after a hot day.  With this really hot weather we've been having lately I've been outside morning and night watering the front garden and grass where my pumpkin patch is.

I'm so excited as two of my pumpkin plants have flower buds on them.  Fingers crossed there are some female flowers.  I'm not sure what pumpkins these ones are, they could be from our Halloween jack-o-lantern or they might be some Kent pumpkin seeds I planted.  It will be a surprise if they start growing big orange Halloween pumpkins.

In my pumpkin patch I have also been growing Spaghetti Squash.  When we lived in Canada you could buy it at the markets or road side stalls, but here in Australia it's very difficult to even obtain the seeds never mind the whole vegetable.  So I have been longing to try it again.  I found some seeds a few years ago and tried to grow them in our garden in the back yard but I only got male flowers from the plant, no female flowers, therefore no vegetables grew.

Back in November I found some seed packets at Bunnings and bought a whole heap of them and my mum on her travels to Tasmania came back with some Spaghetti squash seeds for me too.  So far I have two successful Spaghetti squash plants growing, I tried planting some more seedlings out but the really hot weather we had has knocked them out.  I still have another pot of seedlings to plant out though.

It's one of my little projects/dream to accomplish this year.  With my little watering buddy hopefully we will have a fruitful garden in Autumn.  Something I'm looking forward to.


Caroline said...

I love Spaghetti Squash too. We picked our last 2 off the vine a couple of weeks back. The vines are finished now with this heat but we are yet to eat the squash. I was holding off having them as I know there will be no more now until the end of this year. If u ever have any more trouble getting seeds let me know.
Caroline xo

Selena said...

Your sunshine pictures make these London winters much more bearable. Counting the days until Spring!!