Thursday, 19 December 2013

A years worth of crochet blankets

It's been a big year of crochet for me.  It has been very therapeutic and helped me through many waits in doctors offices, anxious situations and given me the creativity needed to keep my depression at bay.   Keeping my hands busy with crochet is a good thing.

Each of these blankets have become very much favoured by my girls, Amelia and Penny.  They curl up on my lap and assume the blanket is for them or wrestle on the bed beside me while I crochet.

I finished off last year by completing a blanket for my mum which I started when she was in hospital back in June 2011.

This blanket took 18 months to crochet and was finished on December 31, 2012.

My next blanket, the first one for 2013 was a joy to crochet.  I had found a most favourite yarn in a lovely Autumn mix of colours.  I just love this blanket, started back in January this year and finished the end of February.

I love the pattern that forms with the colours and the squares, it almost glows.  This is a reasonably heavy blanket, fantastic for those cold Winter nights as an extra layer.  I've even used it between seasons when it's too warm for a doona and too cool for just a sheet. I used a ball of yarn for each square.

I also had a little interlude with a crochet pillow.  I crocheted this on holiday in Queensland back in June.  As soon as we got home I put the cushion on the lounge chair and was very proud of my freehand in cushion crochet.  Ten minutes later Penny, our puppy chewed the wooden toggle buttons.  It now resides in my bedroom in the hope that is not chewed on again.

The next project was a blanket for Ethan's 11th birthday in April.   He asked for me to crochet his blanket using the same colours as his hat I crocheted a few years ago.  I really loved crocheting these squares.  I used Panda Magnum Soft 8ply yarn.

It's a single bed size.

And I think Ethan likes it and looks pretty good on it.

Next up was Toby's 8th Birthday in September.  Now Toby is rather partial to rainbows so he helped me choose the colours for his blanket, in Panda Magnum Soft 8 ply yarn.  The pattern is from Lucy @ Attic24, it's her Granny stripe blanket.

It's such a happy blanket and very snugly, so is Toby.

My final blanket for the year was for Sam.  He didn't quite receive it for his birthday in November, had a few mistakes to sort out, but he did get it in December.

This blanket is a Chevron Afghan, I found a few patterns on the internet and once I got the first two rows done I just kept on going.  Sam wanted different shades of blue in his blanket, which I had, but I really wanted to throw in the green as well so it wouldn't be too blue bland.

The yarn is Lincraft Zambezee yarn, it's a tencel and acrylic yarn which has a lovely feel about it.  I've made hats and scarves out of it too!  It's the same yarn as my mum's blanket.

The year is nearly over and I have a few other blankets working away in my mind, I'm just going with my instincts and favourite colours.  Let's just say they are portable squares and as it's Summer it's not much fun crocheting in the hot weather, especially a big blanket. 

Every time I finish crocheting a blanket I think that is my favourite one.  I really do love looking at them and seeing them being used. Which is your favourite blanket?  
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Carli said...

My favourite is Sams! Chevron and blue x

Heidi D said...

They are all gorgeous but I really love Toby's rainbow

Anonymous said...

Ethan's squares are so striking - especially the way he's thrown himself on top of them! But honestly, they're all so beautiful, each one special because of its story and the part it has played in your life this year. Wonderful Cx