Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Oh my...

I had a hankering for one of these over the weekend.

The most enormous, delicious, naughty chocolate eclairs I've ever seen.  The boys and I shared a couple after going for a drive one day in the holidays.  We found these at a bakery in Redland Bay.

We drove past the houses I used to live in around the Bayside area east of Brisbane.  I told my boys tales of my childhood, where the magpies used to attack me on my bike.  I told my boys tales of working on the farms around the area and that none of the houses used to be there.  They used to be the fields my friends kept their horses in and gladioli and sweet potato farms.  Sam kept asking "Why do they do that?".  Why do they sell the rich, fertile farm land and build lots of ugly new monstrosities of houses there instead?  Sea views, lifestyle, the farmers couldn't afford to keep the land......but I sometimes wish it was still the same as it was when I was a child, doubling bare back on my friends horses around the neighbourhood and walking through tomato fields on the way home from school and getting pummelled by flying tomatoes from boys in the neighbourhood.  I want the same for my boys...one day I will have my dream.

So we then went and explored the mud flats of Cleveland Point at low tide.  Listening to the peace and calm, the bubbly noises from the crabs in their holes, smelling the salty air, slippery rocks, muddy feet, blue skies, the boys loved it. 

I think I am missing those blue skies....and those chocolate eclair's.


Donald said...

I want one of those cream filled things too!

Hey, who is the hot chick in the last picture?

Debbie said...

yummy eclairs...and that is a cute picture of you too :)