Monday, 8 June 2009

Kids Day

It has come around so fast.  I can't believe we're nearly halfway through the year.  Kids day has arrived again.  The day when the Walkers celebrate a fun day with treats, activities and outdoor fun, if we can manage it.  If you're not sure what Kids Day is then have a look here.  

I started my day with Toby snuggling in bed with me, sharing his blanky and toys, the normal morning ritual.  He was rather excited by Kids Day because he said "there was food on the table".  Which means that the dining table had some magazines and chocolate treats set out for the boys.  They wait until all three of them are awake and then they get to open their magazines and pour over them until breakfast is ready.  This year the boys chose to have fruit crepes for breakfast.  For the recipe go have a look at "What's for dinner Mum?".  They love making their own crepes, rolling them up with fruit and covering with syrup and butter, just delicious.

This morning Donald had a soccer game scheduled just down the road from us so we packed the boys bikes in the car and went down to watch his game.  The boys played in the park and rode their bikes around for a while in the beautiful sunshine.  Ethan practiced his skids, while Toby had to keep stopping because his pedal kept falling off.  I forgot to take photo's, I was too busy sitting in the back of the Horrendous Falcon reading, watching the boys play and following the soccer game.  A lovely morning well spent.

Right now is Nintendo time, Bob the Builder dvd, Donald mowing and me blogging.  The boys chose Donald's BBQ'd hamburgers for dinner and we'll finish it off with a golden syrup steamed pudding that I tried making last night, but didn't quite turn out right but is sort of edible and a game of spot light inside (hide and seek with the lights out and only a torch).

Happy Kids Day!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Hugh too!!


Kim said...

Love the new heading photo.

Debbie said...

what a good mum you are!!!