Monday, 15 June 2009

A taxi drivers day

It's been a bit of a crazy weekend with a lot of things going on. I was the underpaid taxi driver on Saturday, getting the boys to their games on time and in between games getting them to their soccer team photo's. Then finishing up with Toby's pre-school Fun Day and Donald's soccer game.  

I love the funny face photo's the photographer lets them do.  Oh what a handsome bunch!

Ethan played a great game of soccer again this week, scoring another goal and flying up and down the field. He had a pretty good week at school too. He finally received an award for putting great effort into writing, something we had been working on in the last month.

Another handsome bunch, check out the coach, back row second from the right...who is that guy??  

Toby had been getting excited about his pre-school fun day all week and had been counting down the days until Saturday, he kept saying "I can't wait Mummy for the pre-school fun day, I just can't wait, I don't want to wait", and "Is it today Mummy, is it today?".  The day finally arrived but he had to sit through two soccer games and two lots of soccer photo's and nattering parents after the soccer games before he could begin his fun day at pre-school. 

It was the pre-schools 50th birthday and they celebrated with Maxine McKew (Federal Member for Bennelong) and Julie, head of the pre-school, planting a tree, singing Happy Birthday with the kids blowing out some candles on a cake. Poor old Toby was a little sad at not getting some birthday cake, but Donald made up for it buying half the cake stall.

The first thing Toby wanted to do was get his face painted.  Now most kids like having their face painted, but the Walker boys have always hated it, they don't like fake tatoo's either so we've never forced the issue.  Toby is a little more adventurous than his older brothers so it was a new experience for us. He chose the colour green and wanted to be a frog. I love how he sits so calm and peaceful while he's getting his face done.

Next a bit of jumping on the jumping castle until our money ran out.

We spent the rest of the time admiring the children's art work, and finding out that we had to buy our childs beautiful painting that had been framed, only we had run out of money by this time.  What to do?  Break your child's heart because you didn't buy his painting....hopefully they'll let us buy it this week at pre-school.

As for the taxi driver, I'm afraid she never made it to Donald's soccer game, she collapsed on the lounge in a heap with a continuing migraine before organising sharing time for church and making dinner.  Sometimes I'm thankful for Monday's coming around.


Debbie said...

Oh how fun!!! we start soccer in august...preschool is over and our big kids start a new school next year so they were pretty sad...but they are ok all the fun pics especially the face painting...

Debbie said...

no baptism yet...we are waiting for her best bud to turn 8 tomorrow then we are on vacation for 2 weeks so when we return July 8th :)

Caroline said...

Toby makes a great little Tiddalick!!