Thursday, 13 August 2009

Convicts don't go to school...

...but this one did.

Me whilst taking photos: "Try to look like you've just been whipped, try to look sad and downtrodden".

"Try to look like the ball and chain is really heavy and look sad and downtrodden".

Sam:  "But I don't want to be sad".  He was just so happy to be dressed up, I'm sure the acting skills will improve throughout the day once he's amongst his other inmates.

Sam's year are studying Australian history and today is their "Convict and Redcoats day". We arrived at school this morning to see farmers, sailors, convicts, red coat soldiers, lots of lovely ladies in long dresses and bonnets and even some pirates. Thanks to Mari's sewing skills, whom we borrowed Sam's costume off, he went dressed as a convict (obviously) and we managed to scrape together a ball and chain to complete the costume. They are going to have so much fun today.


Mari said...

looking good, Sam!

sean said...

how fun is that!

sirpa said...

What was his crime?