Sunday, 2 August 2009


This winter I have been dreaming of all things hot and summery.  I don't normally do this, I can usually get through the winter without too much thought about summer as it isn't my most favourite time of year.  Then we went to the Art Gallery  and I found this painting.  

I haven't stopped thinking about the time Donald and I went to the Island of Rhodes during our 3 months of backpacking through the Middle East and Europe.  We actually went to this place in the painting.  The view is from Lindos on the walk up the hill to the Acropolis and surrounding fortress.  

The hot, dry walk up to the top takes you through the white washed village of Lindos, through alleyways, shops, markets and lots of steps. 

I can remember the searing heat from the surrounding rocky hills reflecting the sun’s blazing rays making you wish you could dive straight into the clear blue waters below.  The water was actually freezing when you eventually got in, but it was worth the burning hot trek across the sand to get a spot next to the cool, calm water.

The sky was so clear, the sun so hot and the water so inviting.  Never before have I craved summer like I do today.  Never before have I craved freedom like I do today.  Oh the freedom!!  No kids, 27, a flat stomach and freckles.  I think that's how I want to remember myself.  Please forgive my floral bike pants.

That was a nice trip down memory lane, I almost feel refreshed.


Kim said...

Great photos - my favorite is the last. Totally understand the craving for summer and a flat stomach - though I don't think you really have any problem there.

Donald said...


I ...... have no words.

I just thank the lord that I get to wake up next to you each day.