Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Drama adventures

Today Sam's drama class performed their play "Baby Talk" in front of an audience of school children, parents and other participants of the Arts North Festival of Drama at the Parade Theatre, NIDA. The small group of 7 students had their rehearsal yesterday at the theatre to run through lighting, sound effects and stage positions. It was all very exciting being lead to their dressing room down in the dungeons of the theatre, and then being lead back up through the labyrinth to the stage wings while they waited for their rehearsal turn on stage. Their play was about the adventures babies get up to when there are no adults in the room, a little like the  "Rugrats" tv show.  Today was even more exciting performing in front of an audience and a day of watching the other schools perform too. The group said their lines most confidently and beautifully all dressed up with their bibs, bonnets and blankies.  Sam was excited, nervous but loved every minute of it, I think I felt the same too. 

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sean said...

i always loved dressing up like a baby when i was young...even in high school i did for halloween...i loved wearing pjs to school