Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blessings and Treasures

It has been an unusual time for us lately, life is a little uncertain, work possibilities for Donald float in and float out. However, September is a wonderful month full of celebrations for us. After surviving Toby's 4 year old birthday party the next thing to look forward to was our 14th wedding anniversary. Donald and I had plans to go to Melbourne on a little road trip, drive through some lovely country towns, see some theatre and stay with my Aunt Desley and help her celebrate her birthday as well. Due to many, and I mean MANY, unforeseen circumstances this little holiday did not happen. Not only did it not happen but Donald was away for our anniversary and my birthday. All I can say is..."these things happen"...and even though it was hard not having my best friend with me to celebrate on both occasions, absence certainly made the heart grow fonder. Work has been a little scarce and so has money for a little while. An opportunity arose for Donald to go and work with his Dad and younger brother Campbell out at Gunnedah, which is about a 6 hour drive north west of Sydney, to install a pivot irrigation system. For our exploits in Gunnadah last year have a look here and for a few laughs here.

Even though life is throwing a few curve balls at us we are all reasonably healthy (still a few coughs and sniffles, nothing serious though), still have a roof over our head and food on the table. I have received so many blessings and treasures which I am very grateful for and have been keeping me going through troubles and worries.

While Donald was away I was lucky to have my mum here who kept us all in clean clothes, managed to reach the bottom of the laundry basket and mended a mountain of Donald's jeans....she also got the boys to and from school on time, which certainly relieved a little pressure.

Our anniversary came and went, Donald was away, but a sweet angel left a little anniversary present on my door step which added a little mystery to my week and kept the blues at bay. Thanks Kath, a lovely mystery solved.

Cards, parcels and flowers started appearing the week of my birthday. My goodness...my table is full of flowers and potted plants from lovely friends and relatives (and Donald), roses, bird of paradise, cyclamens, tulips and cineraria.

What a joy it is to receive such colours and blossoms.

The 23rd arrived with a glorious red sky. With Donald away, I was feeling a little emotional but was keeping it in check, however the dust storm provided a wonderful distraction and start to my 40th year. I knew it was the expected dust storm, Sam thought, in jest, that it was dooms day and I've heard others thought it was the Second Coming. To me it was a fantastic birthday gift from mother nature (Heavenly Father).

An early morning of opening cards and presents from my boys and mum, a special gift and card from my Aunt Desley who really opened the flood gates of emotions. A morning of life saving yoga, lunch with some friends and my mum, take away Indian for dinner, a soccer game, countless phone calls and strawberries and cream sponge cake with a candle for each decade rounded off my birth day.

Saturday afternoon was spent having a massage, a birthday present from Lee, a wonderful and brave woman who has taken me under her wing and is trying to teach me to look after myself better. She also organised a girls get together at the Manly Ocean Beach House Restaurant on Saturday night for a birthday dinner. It was a chilly, windy night but the warmth and love I felt from friends truly set my heart ablaze. Thank you for a lovely night girls and thank you for the delightful treasures you bestowed upon me, I shall cherish them forever. For a little peek at some pics of the night have a look at Stacy's blog here.

I know this has been a long post, but I really wanted to remember this birthday, the trials and the sweet treasures of my life. I think it's good to be 40, I think I feel good too! I don't feel over the hill, I think I feel invigorated being who I am and knowing the people I do. Thank you for sharing in this life.


Stacy said...

All that special stuff for one special and well deserved lady. Glad I could be a small part of your birthday this year.

Heather said...

What a great post. I am curious about your friendship book. Was this gift made for you? Did all of your friends put birthday wishes in it or is it just a collection of "friendship" / uplifting things? I love this idea and my 40th is approaching in about 14 mos...if not too personal, would you share more about it (and pix) as I have some ideas for my own and would like to see what yours looks like. Thanks heather....Palmyra,VA

Lisha said...

Hi Heather thanks for stopping by and thanks for your lovely comments. I will do a post about it hopefully soon. Each page of the book had a letter written to me from each friend. It was scrap booked by my friend Stacy who does lots of digiscrapping and she put it all together.

Heather said...

Sounds great - I look forward to it. Looks and sounds like it will be a treasure you will keep and cherish for some time. I must admit that I was drawn to it as it looked especially girlie - of which I am not, usually, but since becoming the mother of three boys myself, I find that my relationships with my girlfriends and things "girlie" are rather appealing and remind me that in my sea of men, I am, in fact, a girl! (Don't get me wrong, love my boys, but am faced with the reality that I can get lost in that sea, sometimes!)

Debbie said...

Happy Belated!!! you are so beautiful!! looks like a great day!