Monday, 8 February 2010

Dear Mr Rainmaker (and the clouds of course too!)

Thank you so very much for the wonderful rain that we have had this last week.  It's been lovely to hear the rain thundering on our roof then spilling over our gutters, and to see little rivers running down our driveway.  I especially love the little drops that you leave on the spiderwebs, they are so delicate.

Our bunny seems to have survived your downpours (that's because we put him in our cubby house to keep dry) but he still enjoys a little run around the yard in between showers.  The boys don't mind so much either because they got to stay inside and play some nintendo (their homework hadn't started until this week) and jump on the trampoline in the rain.  We even enjoyed a Saturday morning at the second hand bookstore and iced chocolates at the cafe, all because of your rain making skills.

I know our garden has been lapping up the water that you so freely give.  Our grass has been enjoying the lashings of rain too and I've never seen my nasturtiums happier.

I was wondering though if maybe, just maybe, you could hold off on the rain just for tomorrow please.  You see I have a little bit of washing I would love to hang out on the line, one day should do it (Tuesday that would be).  I'm happy for more rain but would be really grateful for a little breeze and some sunshine until my clothes are dried thank you very much.  Until we meet again with your drips on my cheeks.

Yours Most Sincerely


P.S. I really do love those magical drops on the spiderwebs.


Kim said...

Beautiful photos Lisha.

Anonymous said...

Yes, spider webs are great - barely seen normally but absolutely beautiful covered in dew drops, rain drops, snow or frost.


Kathleen said...

loved the photos Lisha