Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The real truth about Summer

Now I didn't tell you yesterday what Summer is reeeeally like, those photo's were the good bits.  I have a love hate relationship with Summer, love swimming, the beach, sun light but the heat and the rest that comes with it, I'm not a big fan of.  On those stinking hot nights where a fan just blows hot air and provides no relief, I wrap myself and the boys in a cool wet sarong to cool us down and get us off to sleep.  

The fear of walking through those giant, sticky, yellow spider webs and imagining that the spider is crawling over your hair and the terror of actually finding one is even worse.  

The days where the heat sucks all energy from you and you mope about in a hot, steamy lethargy unable to do anything because it is so hot and humid.  Not wanting to go out into the back yard, to the beach or anywhere out side for fear of being burnt to a crisp or turning as red as a beetroot because you have fair skin.

Not wanting to cook a thing because it's too hot and you can't be bothered, all you want to eat is fruit and then that ripening fruit spoils because it's so hot.  The weeds in your garden take over because it's too stinking hot to go out and pull them out (not that I ever really weed, except in Autumn when it's cooler).  I really can't wait for Autumn, the cooler nights, warm days with a little chill in the air, the changing of the leaves.  I have been searching for the signs of Autumn.  The first William Bartlett pears at the fruit shop is a sure sign, I love their blushed cheeks when they ripen.   

The pecan nuts dropping next door is another sign and being able to sleep with more than just a sheet covering you at night is a little bliss.  I've got my eye on those green leaves and the moment they start changing to their Autumn colours I'll be doing a little joyful dance.

Happy end to Summer days!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the excellent photography ! I especially like your photos of the natural world. Keep up the great work blister,


Carli said...

Last night was stifling hot, I woke up thinking I couldn't breath - I'm pining for Autumn too Lisha.

Carli said...

I'm pining for summers end too after that sultry night.

Lisha said...

Carli, I was thinking of you last night, wishing coolness to you and your little inferno burning inside.

Gabby, I have been enjoying those little things in nature and being able to photograph them, truly marvelous creations, webs, flowers etc.