Monday, 22 February 2010

Reflections of Summer

Summer cream



the beach


my soft green shirt

mango salads

flowers in my garden

dodging spider webs in the back yard


this man

I know Summer's not over yet but I'm willing it to be over....not long now.....I can hear the pecan nuts falling on the roof next door...Autumn must be on it's way.


Carli said...

All your cobweb photos are great Lisha - so clear.

Lisha said...

Thank you Carli, I found that web yesterday when I was about to hang the clothes on the line, I ran inside to grab my camera before the sun shifted from the web.

3S said...

There are lots of great pictures.

We love the ice cream picture. It looks delicious. The biscuits are nice looking too! Were they tasty? Can you share the recipe?

From 3S

Debbie said...

what is that you made? looks so yummy and so lovely...send me your recipe :) please