Saturday, 28 May 2011


I'm in Ormiston at my mum's and so have a little spare time to go through some blog posts I've been meaning to put up, but just haven't had enough time.  It just gets so busy around home when soccer season starts, the weekends just disappear so quickly as do the week days.  I've been meaning to post more about our Melbourne long weekend and ANZAC Day for a month now and time has just slipped away.  So here it is at last.

We caught the train into the city in the afternoon.  It was a beautiful clear day and there was lots going on, especially after the Melbourne ANZAC day parade.  People in uniform everywhere, soldiers, sailors, bagpipesmen.  I felt very proud and heart warmed to see so many service men and women throughout the city.

We spent the afternoon visiting ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.  They were holding an exhibition on the Art of Disney Classic fairy tales, something close to Donald's heart.  There were displays of artwork from many of Disney's old and new animated fairy tales and snippets of the movies they were displaying the artwork of, lots of eye candy for Donald.  I think he would have spent the whole day and night there absorbing as much as he could.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon walking.  I had in my mind for a few weeks that I would love to visit the park where the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance is along St Kilda Rd, and what better day to do it than ANZAC Day.  The walk through the park was lovely, beautiful sunshine and colourful Autumn leaves.  The boys made Autumn leaf angels by lying on the fallen leaves and swishing their arms and legs back and forth.  When you don't have snow to do it you use what you can. Now you may understand the picture on my blog header.

There are various memorials along the park as you walk towards the Shrine, somber reminders of the many wars and battles that our country fought and the many lives lost.  We made it to the Shrine just as they had finished cleaning up after the ANZAC day parade and service.  Somehow I think we were fortunate to be there at that time, it was peaceful and we observed the lowering of the flags and the last post being played as the sun was setting, a very special moment that the boys felt too.

Thank you to those service men and women who are still protecting our country today.

Lest We Forget

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