Tuesday, 31 May 2011


It is the last day of Autumn, even though I am missing the colours in Sydney, I think I've had my fair share of them this year.  With our trip to Melbourne and around my neighbourhood, I've seen many awesome colours.  Now I'm in Queensland, there doesn't seem to be many Autumn colours, one or two trees here and there, but they haven't really changed their colours very much.

Even though there is not much Autumn up here in Ormiston, the weather is lovely, the days are warm and the nights are cool.  I still manage to find wondrous beauty around me on my walks, and with my mum's little camera that fits so nicely in my pocket, I can whip it out when I see something photo worthy.

I've been accosting a man with his two handsome beagle boys every time I go for a walk.  We stop and chat, I tell him how handsome his boys are and ask about their training and he wishes me well with my mothers surgery.  They are such gorgeous dogs, Buddha on the left and Hunter on the right.

People and their dogs always seem to be so friendly....and yes I am missing my Amelia, which is why I stop nearly every dog I meet.  I do wish she was here to accompany me on my daily wanders.  I hope she hasn't chewed up too many more things while I'm away.  

I am very fortunate to view the sea every day.  The bright sparkle of the sun reflected off the grey blue water is very calming, and the cloud masses that form at this time of year are amazing.  Huge, snow capped, mountainous clouds surround us. 

As I sit here crocheting this afternoon and waiting for my photo's to upload, storm clouds are rumbling around the pale blue sky.  Not much comes out of the clouds it more of a threatening menace, however  I hear Sydney is getting a little wet at the moment.

I feel like I'm on a little holiday, the peace and calm is quite a novelty.  It's kind of bizarre not being in a mad rush to get the boys to school and all that entails a mothers day.  At night time, preparing a meal for two is a rather sedate experience to the one I'm used to, preparing a meal for five, making sure homework is done, baths are taken, lunch boxes are cleaned and forms are filled out for the next day as well as having a game with Amelia in between times.

Without all of the mad rush and craziness that is involved in my home life, I am missing the company of my four boys and wish they could be here with my mum and I.

I am very grateful to Donald and the boys for giving me the opportunity to be here with my mum.  They are real troupers!!


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Caroline said...

These photos bring back childhood memories (I guess you know what I mean)