Thursday, 16 June 2011

Back to the usual

Well here I am back home again and back into the usual routine.  After two weeks of peace and calm, yes even though my mum was having major surgery there was lots of peace and calm,  I am back in the thick of it again and it's exhausting me!!  I can often be found dozing on the lounge (or floor) by 8pm each night.

My mum is doing very well and we thank you for all of your well wishes.  She is recuperating and following my instructions to rest and take it easy.  I have lots of spies keeping an eye on her and informing me of her well being.  

We celebrated Kids Day on Monday, the long weekend holiday.  The boys were well rewarded for being such good kids, especially while I was away.  Two weeks is a long time to be away from their mum.  They received a mix of New South Wales and Queensland colours, seeing as we are all a bit of a mix of Queenslanders and New South Welsh people.  Even the big kid got his first Maroon jersey ever!  We spent the morning at The Tin Soldier in Penrith choosing some miniature figures to put together and paint up.

I was the recipient of some beautiful roses from my sister which brightened my day with lovely smells and colours.  Thanks Gabby and Neil!!

 Amelia has been very helpful in the kitchen too!  Sticking her nose in where it most pleases her.

I have a feeling she missed me lots while I was away, she is my constant shadow at the moment and there are a few signs and bits of evidence around the house (and in the camera) that she missed me!!

I started crocheting a simple blanket while I was up in Queensland with my mum.  I am so glad I did, it is such an easy one, no pattern followed, just up and back with a 7mm hook, very therapeutic while sitting by the hospital bedside.  I have been using Lindcraft's Zambezee yarn, the same yarn I crocheted my hat and Sam's hat and scarf out of.  It's a lovely silky acrylic with tencel.

It has been raining lots in Sydney, but there is still a fair bit of colour in the garden.  The Camelia Japonica's are flowering now with their lovley pinks and there are still some Autumn colours around.  I can see the bulbs starting to shoot up from the ground too, a few Jonquils here and there and I know those Freesias are popping up too, no flowers on them yet a little bit too early. 

No sooner do I get back from Queensland but my Sam has to be whisked away to camp this week.  He was sort of excited and sort of anxious.  They were going to the Great Aussie Bush Camp, but I don't think they will get to do as much of the outdoor activities as they'd like to with the weather being so wet.

I can only imagine the muddy, soggy and smelly laundry that will be coming home tomorrow.  I can't wait to see Sam though.

I must mention the joy it is to have instant broadband again.  To be able to upload multiple photo's in a couple of minutes instead of one photo taking 10 minutes to upload with mobile broadband.  I am happy to have my camera again too!!


Kim said...

That's good news that your Mum is still fine - I was beginning to wonder since you hadn't posted for a couple of weeks (not that I am casting stones at people who don't post often enough!).

Love your quilt colours too.

Lisha said...

Thanks Kim. Blogging has been difficult to get done. I take photo's, feel inspired but lack the time or energy to get it into a post. I have so many photo's and posts to do, but I just lose the time and then the moment has passed....


Caroline said...

Glad to hear your Mum is recovering well. She must be so thankful for a loving daughter like you(complete with spies!!)
PS-Loving the Maroon

Kim said...

I do understand that whole meaning to get to the blog thing! Still - whenever you do post it's gorgeous so that makes up for any delays.
PS Wayne & Joan visited today - very nice to see them.