Monday, 27 June 2011


This boy has been doing lots of good things lately.  He's been remembering to ask me politely, saying please and thank you for things that he might need help with.  This afternoon while I was making dinner Toby washed the dishes.  Sometimes when he's a little bored he asks me "Lisha....what can I do?", it can drive me up the wall.  So today I told him that if he asked me that I would give him some work to do.  He forgot, and asked me, so he got to put away the knives and forks.

About five minutes later he forgot again and asked me. . ."Lisha. . .what can I do?".  I laughingly suggested that he help me with the rest of the dishes.  Seriously he took me up on the offer and told me that he would wash the dishes while I cooked dinner. . . . . and so he did.  It was very helpful.

Last Friday Toby came home from school with a merit certificate for "Being a Great Class Member".  He was very excited to show us.  Today he came home from school wanting to take care of the class fish in the school holidays.  I'm quite sure he's up for the job seeing as he's such a great class member and great helper at home.

I love my little Toby who is growing so beautifully.


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Carli said...

Toby you cutie! What a great little helper you're raising mummy lisha x