Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday Afternoon Sun

After a big walk it was snooze time out in the back room sun and a little crochet.  No soccer today, the grounds are still too wet, but boy is it a lovely sunny day.  I've opened all of the windows in the house to let in the fresh warm air.

The boys have been working on their miniature models, the dining room table has been taken over by an army of Orks, Roman soldiers, Goblins and Elves.


Neil and Gabby said...

I like the colours of your rug - even though it took me years to recover from that green of my old school uniform ! xxx Gabby

Kim said...

The quilt is looking great - so big! Max is very impressed with the boys figures too.

Lisha said...

@Gabby, lucky I didn't crochet your hat out of that green then!!

@Kim, those two figures are Donald's, the boys are yet to get past the undercoats and first layer of colour yet :+)