Saturday, 27 August 2011

Grand Final day

After the soccer grand final was postponed last week due to the heavy rains, today was the day medals were to be played for.  The first game to start today was also the last to finish.  Donald's team, the 35/7's, had already won the Premiership this year (medal no.1) and were playing for the Championship medal (medal no. 2).

On the field right beside Donald's game (very convenient) Ethan's team were playing for the Championship medal (medal no.3).

We set up camp at Donald's game for the most part as he was playing first. 

His team drew 1 all, they went into 10 minutes overtime and were still 1 all,  so it was decided they would be joint champions.

Meanwhile Ethan's team were playing their hearts out. I was hovering between the fields trying to watch two games at once.   Sadly they went down 4 nil but still managed to score a silver runners up medal.

Medal presentations immediately after the games kept their spirits high!

Two very happy boys!  Guess who's going to wear their medals to bed tonight!!

Darren Lockyer eat your heart out!!

PS.  I have a sore nose from squishing it up against the camera :+/


Tania @ Out Back said...

Great post and photos Lisha. So many happy faces :)

Ethan said...

I had a lot of fun earning my medal but losing 4 nil wasn't good. :( But not every one gets a medal! :)

Caroline said...

Looks like a great game & good photos. Hope your starting to feel a lot better now.