Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My new Doctor

I went for my one week check up yesterday with my ENT surgeon yesterday.  It was not fun!!  (see notes below).  So I have decided to change my doctors.  I found a new doctor who fits right into our family.  He is a little young, very cute and has a gorgeous smile.  I think I'm in love.  Meet my new Doctor.

 He's one of the friendliest Doctors I know and my kids all love him too!

It's book week at school and the Kindy to year 2's have a book character parade every year.  It was Toby's first one and he really wanted to go as a dog.  So we came up with Babette Cole's Dr. Dog.  A very easy costume to prepare.  Here's Dr. Dog with the Cat in the Hat, one of his wonderful teachers Mrs Stacey.


Update on progress Warning more gross bits!!:  Well I didn't really change doctors, but the check up visit really wasn't fun.  They first sprayed a nasal anesthesia up my nose which has the most horrible, horrible taste that drips down the back of your throat.  At least the nurse gave me a couple of tic taks (orange ones, they taste the best) which I managed to chew up too quickly so I was still tasting the nasal spray for a while as well as my tongue getting numbed.  Once the anesthesia numbed my nose the Dr looked up my nose with the endoscope (yes it was a bit gross) to see how I was healing, I could even see up my nose on a small screen on the wall.  There was a bit of nose picking going on with the sinus nasal forceps and suction to help remove the "extra bits" that were still in there and it was worse than plucking a few hairs from your nose.  As you can imagine I had my eyes closed for that and was rigidly sitting still in the chair to prevent any more movement, as my nose is still very painful even  though anesthetized.  I have been suffering from headaches all day and every day and the Dr said that was because my sinuses were still a little more inflamed than they should be, so I'm on a little Prednisone for a couple of days to bring the swelling down.  So I'm dosed up on panadeine forte (codeine) to get me through the days and my mum is still here for another week to help out.  I'm slowly getting there I keep reminding myself that two weeks out of my life is only a little time in the long run.  Slowly but surely I will have benefited from this sinus surgery, I know they feel cleared already, I just have to get past the internal pressure and swelling.

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Carli said...

Oh he is adorable! Toby is the perfect Dr Dog. I love the gross bits! How intriguing, imagining looking up people's noses all day - I'm sending healing light that the headaches disperse and everything gets clearer by the day Lisha x