Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December gone by...

Well here we are only a few days from Christmas and so much has happened in the past three weeks.  It has seriously got to be the busiest time of year.  I'm a little overwhelmed with trying to keep up with our events and blog about them so I'll just give a few highlights about the most important ones.

Toby graduated from Kindergarten, Ethan won an Academic achievement award for his year and Sam has graduated from Primary school by finishing year 6.  Sam performed his prefect duties beautifully at the school presentation day.  We also attended High School orientation in the same week.

Kindergarten party at the park after seeing the movie "Arthur Christmas"

Ethan's Achievement Award received at Presentation day

The 2011 school leadership team receiving their certificates, Sam on far right

James Bond came back for another visit, this time down the red carpet for the year 6 farewell, themed "Hollywood".

The three Wise Men made an appearance that week as well for our Relief Society Christmas party.  As we read the scriptures about the birth of Jesus Christ the children acted out the Nativity.  I was left with a wonderful feeling of simplicity and joy to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

It was Sam's last day in Primary School on Friday.  To send the year 6's off, the whole school forms an archway to the front gate and the school leavers have to run through.  It's a rather emotional moment for kids and parents alike.

To begin our first day of the holidays we had a little Christmas get together with Gabby and Neil in their new apartment.

Gabby had baked some delicious Christmas star ornaments for their tree, which we picked off one by one.

After our Christmas treats with Gabby and Neil we started our jolly holiday by visiting "Mary". 

I loved the umbrella's hanging on the ceiling, I was rather tempted to get myself a carpet bag and Mary Poppins umbrella (it was always something I'd dreamed about when I was a nanny in London many moons ago) but I managed to resist their hefty price tags.

It was the last day of their performance in Sydney and I have to shout out a very special thank you to Desley and John who made it happen for us.  It was a wonderful way to treat the boys after their hard work at school all year and to begin our holidays.  Thank you so much, we had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time!!

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday season
Much Love the EarthWalkerfamily


charliemator said...

Wow! Sam entering High School! I still have a hard time with that. I still see Sam as the little toddler walking around the food court near Disney before and watching Iron Giants on the couch totally mesmerized by it.

Carli said...

Sam is looking so teenagerish. A beautiful boy, it looks to me like you've had a happy month. Merry Christmas Earthwalkers x