Thursday, 1 December 2011

A pink and grey day

Have you ever dressed your children in a set of clothes in the morning and then gotten dressed yourself only to find out you are wearing the same colours, top and bottom as your child?  I have done this many times, even when I was single and a nanny, the same would happen with the children I looked after.

As you can tell the title of todays post is pink and grey, and no, I didn't dress the boys in these colours.  What I did notice as I walked out the door this morning, in my grey skirt and pink cardigan, that I seemed to match my garden and the sky.

It's a very cool grey day today, but my Cape Chestnut tree is in full bloom once again.  Big bunches of spindly pink blossoms.  The grass is covered with the long skinny petals and the sky is so dull and grey.  I am so thankful for pink that can brighten up such a grey day.

I've noticed the Hoya's are flowering again in my back garden, another pink notch on my pink day belt.

I really do love sitting on my front porch and being able to spy on our neighbourhood goings on through the branches of pink and green without being seen.  I think I just saw a spot of blue sky too!  Is it time to change clothes again??



Deb said...

your photos are gorgeous lisha!

Lisha said...

Thanks Deb xx