Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Last Wednesday, in the middle of a really busy and crazy week, I had just come back from grocery shopping and was feeling a little low, maybe it was the constant grey skies or maybe my to do list that keeps getting longer and longer.  When I came home there was a package on my front porch, I wasn't expecting anything, but when I picked up the parcel and felt the weight and shape of it I knew immediately what it was and who it was from.  My heart felt so joyful and happy, tears came to my eyes knowing that someone would think of me.  My lovely blogging friend Caroline from The Simple Things had been making use of the many horse shoes she had lying around her place and I just so happened to admire her creations.  So she sent me an early Christmas present.  I'm afraid I couldn't wait to open this one, I was too excited, just like a crazy kid hyped up on chocolate opening presents on Christmas Day (and I hadn't even gotten the groceries out of the car yet), I ripped it open and started taking photo's of my beautiful new boot pull. 

Caroline we love your boot pull.  It has been used every day, especially by the boys, they really love it too!  School shoes, sand shoes, boots, you name it, the horseshoes are pulling them all off our feet.  Thank you so much my blogging friend.


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