Saturday, 21 July 2012

A photo a day: Week 27

July 1

The Snowflakes are popping up out of the ground at the moment.  A sign that Spring is just around the corner.  I must say the weather has been a rather warm 21-22°C in the last week for a few days.  Lovely and sunny.  Here's a link to my post last year about Snowflakes and Violets.

July 2

On the first day of the school holidays the boys, Amelia and I went for a lovely long walk around the neighbourhood.  We were gone about two and a half hours.  Our last stop was the bakery for some pies for lunch.

July 3

The boys and I met Donald for a picnic lunch at Centennial Park, just over the road from where Donald works at Fox Studios.  It was a chilly day, but lovely and warm in the sun.  The boys went for a long walk with Amelia while Donald and I had a little quiet time together.  This is a photo of Toby guzzling the juice that I had brought along for our picnic.

July 4

Sam was on TV today on the channel 7 show "Match It".  The show was filmed last October with most of the year 6's participating in teams of three.  Hopefully I shall post about the filming a little later.

July 5

A day in the city with the boys traveling by train, lunch with Gabby and a visit to the Myer stocktake sale.  Lego was on sale and the boys were drooling.  Ethan and Sam purchased together some new Lord of the Rings lego and Toby is still happy with some more Star Wars lego.

July 6

Sam's team made it to the finals at the end of the week on "Match It", sadly they didn't win, there were some technical difficulties (a little unfair at the time) and not forgetting to mention difficult things to match up.  Famous peoples faces with the name of the country they were born in, a bit ridiculous to an 11 year old boy (at the time).

July 7

At last Sam is learning to iron his school shirts. . . . and my shirts.  He will do just about anything to earn Nintendo time.

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