Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A photo a day: Week 40

September 30

The last night of September.  I was a little sad to see how quickly September flew by.  Amelia and I sat outside to enjoy the fresh, Spring air and watch the moon rise.  It's very calming outside at night.

October 1

Spotto!!  Everywhere we go we've been seeing yellow cars, the boys have got Donald and I saying "Spotto" when ever we see a yellow vehicle.
October 2

Ethan is the coolest kid on the street with his new BMX bike, it's a very speedy one and he's been out everyday in the holidays cruising the streets since he got it.

October 3

Returning to the scene of the crime.  Donald revisited the very spot where he played his Grand Final soccer game and reenacted breaking his leg.  So far Donald is healing well, still on crutches, his plaster came off at 6 weeks but he's still not allowed to put any pressure on his leg until the large screw is taken out in 2 weeks time.  He has to go back for a second round of surgery, they are leaving a plate and 6 screws in but need to remove the large screw which is keeping his Tibia and Fibula in place.

October 4

Donald's brother Alister came and stayed with us in the holidays, Sam is catching up to him in height.  Maybe by Christmas Sam will have shot past Alister.

October 5

The boys love having their Uncle Alister come and stay, he does lots of fun stuff with them, nerf battles, bike riding, playing Lord of the Rings Risk, but I think their favourite is wrestling, not so sure Alister agrees about the wrestling though!

October 6

My little Toby had his first official hair cut by someone other than his mother.  Can you believe it he is 7 years old and I took him to the barbers for the first time ever!!  He is such a cutie and I love being able to see his little ears.  I love this photo, Tobes and Amelia were snuggling on the couch and Amelia has her eyes on the biscuit in Toby's hand.


Carli said...

It is a beautiful photo Lisha, your two babies.

Nia said...

Aaww.. can't believe he had a "real" hair cut! Makes him look so much more grown up :)

Selena said...

Cutest puppy ever. It's like he's posing. You are saying hello to warm weather and we are gearing up for the cold weather. BTW, Happy Anniversary and Birthday!!! I'm a September baby, too.

Happy Friday!!