Monday, 22 October 2012

He makes me laugh

This boy is so funny, I love him and his toothless smile and his cheeky short hair cut.   He still climbs up the doorways like Spiderman.  He has no front teeth, except for the new one just peeping through the gums.  Toby's favourite game at the moment is to get inside the folded up mattresses and walk around the house, it's almost like a sumo suit on him.  Then he will leave it on the floor in the lounge and take flying leaps on to it like it was a long jump pit.  Sam and Ethan would play with it too and use the rope that's holding the mattresses together and make a trip wire out of it as they played war games together.  I love these times when they work together at play and I do mean work together because they figure things out and actually have fun.  It's wonderful having three boys.

I was looking at photo's of Toby when he was little and he was so serious at times but mostly he was happy and a delight.  I just had to put these two of my favourite photo's up of Toby.  I love the light and calmness of this picture.  I want to smoosh my face up to his neck and smell his baby goodness and feel his little pudgy legs.

Toby has such attentive, bright and beautiful eyes that miss nothing and a very wiggly, jiggly body that didn't stop moving and to this day still doesn't stop.  I love his energy.   I just love looking through my boys baby photo's, don't be surprised if I put up more photo's in the weeks to come.


Felicity said...

oh these gorgeous baby pictures made me miss my own babies.....(oh no...haha)! It's fun having cheeky boys isn't it :) xo

Selena said...

They grow up so fast, don't they? Sweet pictures!! My baby is sick this week with the fle. :( I hate being so far away when she is sick.