Saturday, 19 January 2013

A photo a day: Week 2

A cooler, cloudier day was just right for a walk with Amelia.  The early signs of Autumn were being revealed to me along my walk.  Dahlia's, Crepe Myrtles and ripening Blackberries.

January 7

Miss Amelia's 2nd Birthday

January 8

The boys watching Amelia opening her presents.

Gabby arrived at our place one visit with a bag full of books.  The perks of managing a book store.  The first book I grabbed was "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" by Rachel Joyce.  Now I'm not great at book reviews and I barely pay attention to book reviews.  So I will give a very quick rundown.  Harold is retired, he is sensitive, he likes his quiet time to think as he has a very busy mind and he is a bit lost in his retirement and life at home, until he receives a letter from an old friend who is dying of cancer.  Harold is inspired to walk and believes he will save his friend, and this is his journey.  Many of us take a lifetime to learn what Harold did on his journey, I related to Harold and all of his struggles, whilst reading I felt I was growing with Harold.  I found this a lovely easy book that I couldn't put down.

January 10

Another hot Summers day, I escaped the boys and grabbed a Yogurberry Pomegranate and Mango frozen yogurt before grocery shopping.  Very refreshing.

January 11

My first time at a Cardio boxing class, Gabby and Neil picked me up at 6.30am for a 7am class.  Their friend Sean runs the Vigorous Fitness classes at Castle Hill, click for more info.  I can't believe I made it through the class without vomiting, charming, I know, but I was so beetroot faced during and after the class as well as a little puffed out too!  I did have fun though and am going back each Saturday for more.

January 12

We have church on Sunday afternoons this year, we swap from a 9am meeting to the 1pm meeting with the other ward that shares our chapel.  This Sunday was a very hot day before church, by the time we came out at 4pm it had started raining.  The cool change had come along blown away the heat and replaced it with a wonderful thunderstorm and rain.  It was the perfect afternoon to make a lamb roast for dinner.

January 13

During the thunderstorm after church all four boys were in the back room either painting, playing or just dreaming with their Lord of the Rings miniature figures.

January 13

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