Saturday, 12 January 2013

Autumn Surprise crochet blanket

I am sitting on the front porch again, enjoying the cool change that has blown through this afternoon, it is such a welcome relief.  I have been sitting out here working on my new crochet blanket.  About a week ago I was looking for some more yarn at Lincraft so I could start another blanket like my blue stripy one that I finished on New Years Eve.  I still have a large stash but needed to add some of the colours that I'd run out of.

Whilst there I came across this Autumn coloured Surprise yarn by Lincraft and I just had to have it.  Fortunately I found the last 12 balls and snatched them up.

I thought I wanted to crochet a blanket made of squares, as my Babette blanket is a little fiddly with different sized and coloured squares (and is on the back burner at the moment), I wanted something with big simple squares that I could join together that weren't traditional granny squares.  I'm not particularly fond of granny squares, they look fantastic but have too many big holes in them and they let cold air sneak in when you're trying to keep warm.  No offence to granny square crocheters out there I hope, it's just my preference.

So I thought if I could make one large square out of each ball of yarn, it would be a good sized blanket.  The only trouble is I think I might want to make it bigger, and Lincraft barely have any yarn in at the moment.   

I have been checking their online store and I have been visiting different stores in the hope of finding a few more balls, but there is nothing.  So I am waiting patiently for the time that they restock their shelves and hope that there will be some Autumn coloured Surprise on their shelves.

I really like the warm mix of colours and the pattern that emerges with each row crocheted.  Every square is unique.

So far I'm onto my fifth square, it's very easy and I don't have to think too much about a pattern, except of course when I've gone round and found a mistake in the previous row and I have to unravel the row I just crocheted.  I love working on this new project.

Update:  I'm so excited I just found 12 more balls at Belrose Lincraft, now I can make my blanket really big.

End Note:  Thank you Caroline for your offer of Spaghetti squash seeds, most people don't seem to know what they are, it's good to have blogging friends.  I still have a stash of them to fall back on if these ones don't work out.  Blessings to you xx.


Caroline said...

My pleasure sweet lady :)
Love your Autumn blanket. I always gravitate towards all the earthy colours, pity i can't crotchet though.
Caroline xo

Brenda Brown said...

Hello I love the Autumn Surprise blanket it's beautiful, would you share the pattern? How much yarn you used?

Jocelyn Fordred said...

Looks stunning, love the colours. Any chance of the square pattern pretty please xxx

Lisha said...

Hi Jocelyn. I can't remember where I found the pattern, but it's called a simple solid granny square. Here's a link to a pattern and tutorial.