Thursday, 24 January 2008

Loch Ness Monster

Yesterday Sam, Ethan & Toby were watching Planet Cook on the ABC, it's a cooking program for children.  They've really been into cooking shows since we watch Jaimie at Home together and marvel at the delicious meals prepared.  The dish that was being made yesterday was Loch Ness Monster pudding. Profiteroles filled with custard cream on a sea of blueberry custard. Seeing as the boys really liked the Waterhorse movie, they thought making their own Loch Ness would be fun.

The boys really enjoyed the whole process of making our Loch Ness, from getting the groceries needed, reading out the ingredients, mixing and finally creating our monster then eating it.  

Here is our sad little Nessie, half eaten. The profiteroles didn't rise very well, the custard filling was very runny and hard to pipe into the profiteroles and the blueberry custard wasn't as blue as we'd hoped. But the boys thought it was fantastic, and it didn't taste too bad either.


Lisha said...

We ate the rest of the Loch Ness Monster and it only had one eye left. It still tasted great. signed Sam

Stacy said...

Looks good. You are such a good mom to have the patience to cook such a treat with your boys. I can barely do chocolate chip cookies.

BTW - if you want to get rid of the word verification thing for comments I had to figure it out once so I could probablly help you out.

Deso said...

Just keep it up boys, soon you will take over from Donald with his wonderful birthday cakes.