Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Let's do..

...the Time Warp again!! I'm feeling like I need another holiday after the first week back at school. It's barely the middle of the week and already I feel a wreck. So I thought I might go back into the Queensland time warp again, the middle part and relive those lovely days.

We had the pleasure of visiting and staying with my good friend Toni, who I have known since primary school. When we were kids she used to come and visit her grand parents, who lived next door to us, on her horse Ben. The moment I heard the clip clop of horses hooves outside on the street, my ears would prick up and I'd be out there in a flash. Not only did she ride her horse, but she would sometimes bring her old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chrissie riding on the front of her saddle.  A lot has changed since those days, Toni and I both living over seas, both being bridesmaids at each others weddings, but we still managed to visit each other and keep in touch. However Toni is back in Australia and she has horses once again as well as a husband and beautiful daughter. So we had a fun stay hanging out with Toni, Sal and Hannah, the horses and their dog Molly.

Toni testing the waters with her new pal Shultz

The kids playing with Flash

Ethan celebrated his birthday here with a beautiful breakfast of Belgian waffles made by Sal, doesn't he look a happy 7 year old?

Sal and Donald contemplating life

The kids just hanging out

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