Friday, 8 May 2009

A busy week

60 chocolate cup cakes baked for Ethan's class's cake day on Thursday and Mother's Day morning tea at school today.  Want to know the recipe?  Stay tuned next week.

The boys school holds this morning tea every year.  The children also make their special gifts for mum's and grandma's, present them to us at this lovely morning tea day and I get to sit with my boys and enjoy the cakes I baked as well as other yummy cakes.

You may wonder why we are all wearing green.  Well this day also includes the school cross country carnival and the boys and I are wearing their house colours.  While we waited for the cross country to start Donald, Toby and I hung out under the beautiful Autumn trees.  

Then cheered on these guys and the rest of the school as they ran by.

Now I've just got to get to three soccer games tomorrow, organize a special mother's day sharing time for Primary at church on Sunday and relax and enjoy myself on Mother's Day.

Ha ha ha ha

He he he

Ho ho



That Girl in Brazil said...

I'm for sure coming back next week for that recipe!

Kim said...

I love that your primary school seems to have regular family days and picnics - great way to spend a day.